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Is Sarevok's animation fixable?

AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,173
Now just keep in mind, I have little to no experience with messing with BG2's character models. But Sarevok's model is one that I would like to use for modding reasons, but it's got two bugs which makes it unusable.

Can his spell casting animation be fixed? In the original it would just crash the game to have Sarevok cast any spells unless it was scripted because he had no animation for it, and I have slight memory of trying it in EE and having it crash there too. Since I want to make the mod original BG compatible, it would really help to have this animation fixed/added.

Is it possible to get rid of Sarevok's equipped weapon animations? Like Drizzt, if you equip anything on Sarevok's model it appears in his hand along with his blade, making it look like he's using two weapons in one hand which looks ridiculous. If it's a two handed weapon it just floats in midair.

I'd like to know if either of these issues, primarily the first since I can work around the second, can be fixed, and if not that would be helpful to know too. Thanks

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