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Please help re: High Level Abilities in BG:EE

IncendiisIncendiis Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in General Modding
Greetings all, I am having a bit of an issue here. I have a desire to play a completely unrealistic "cheating bastard!"-type character with plenty of carnage and mayhem! Forgive me for this indulgence...

However... to no avail have I been able to get level 9 wizard spells and level 7 cleric spells in the game. The fighter abilities seem to work fine, but I never tried the thief set though.

I have installed Solaufein's Level 40 Rule Set and High Level Abilities mods from here:

I have also installed the latest Tweak Pack from G3.

When levelling up to get the abilities the spells appear as legitimate options and I can select them, but they do not appear in the character's spell books. When adding them in the Abilities Screen they have their proper icons and descriptions (save for Extra 6/7/8 which show as invalid string #s), but the spells don't actually transfer over when I select them and complete the level up. The Extra 6/7/8 do. I can add the spells in via EE Keeper but they still do not appear in the spell book - I have to add memorization and they appear in the menu but do not function properly or not at all - for example, Meteor Storm works, but Dragon's Breath and Comet do not. I did not try adding the extra Cleric spells with EE Keeper.

I am not certain what I am missing. The spells are clearly *there* and have descriptions and icons, but don't work and don't show up in the spell book.

What really strikes me as odd is that these abilities have been successfully installed before on EE, but on an older version of BG:EE (when it first came out I played it with these mods) with an older version of the Tweak Pack (it was then known to work but wasn't directly made for EE). I see that the BG2-Fixes is not supported on EE or at least not updated to work directly with it but that the Tweak Pack HAS - I downloaded the latest version of the Tweak Pack but never used the Fix Pack - is this the mistake?

I did of course notice that the Tweak Pack skips over the HLA option(s) when running the install because it is not *supposed* to be implemented into BG:EE. But the L40 set and HLA mod doesn't seem to fix the issue for me either.

I am wondering if utilizing older versions of the Tweak Pack in conjunction with the Fix Pack and the two mods above will help make it work, but I am looking for advice before I make the attempts as I am sure some of you have managed to get them working without hassle.

Technically I'm not a noob at this, these mods are rather familiar and I had them working with TuTu before EE came out and again when EE was just released. Things change, there have been updates, and I have been sitting back not playing/keeping up with the times! Please help me out here, I don't like things that worked before not working now and it's usually some stupid thing I'm oblivious to...

I am using Windows 8.1 (brand new laptop).

Please help!


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