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Modding the difficulty settings?

JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 321
edited April 2014 in General Modding
I'd like to make a few tweaks with the difficulty settings in BGEE and BG2EE. The only tool that I'm somewhat familiar with is Near Infinity. Where are the difficulty settings found? Will it be as simple as exporting a 2DA or whatever, editing it with notepad, and dropping modded file into override folder? Any help is appreciated.

edit 1: Well, I browsed through the 555 2DAs and didn't find anything related to the difficulty settings. I guess I'll look through the 4318 BCS files next and see if I can find anything. All I've found so far is what might be the difficulty IDs, but they use different terms. Basically, I'm exploring and just getting my feet wet modding, but I'm hoping to change the settings of Core, Hard, and Insane difficulties to match the convenient parts of Novice and Normal, possibly increasing the damage and hit points of mobs in Insane if I can figure out how to do that. Again, I'd *really* appreciate it if someone were to point me in the right direction. Thanks again.

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