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Help with Charname class

I am intending to start yet another run through the series but I am having trouble actually picking a class this time around. Some info:

SCS, Minimal Reload, Core difficulty. Pretty liberal RP, anything I can't justify in regards to alignment or NPC personality I won't do.

It will be an all good party, with the exception of Jaheira(Because I love her too much to pass up) and Viconia(romance and also eventual alignment swap.)

So far I have:

Charname - ?
Yoshimo/Imoen - For thieving and because Immy <3
Mazzy - Taken early enough to start putting remedial points into something other than shortswords(axes prolly)
Jaheira - Probably dual wielding scimitars with belm in offhand.
Viconia - Just standard Viconia. Not sure on her weapon yet as I plan to have Nalia using FOA.
Nalia - EE'd to Fighter 7 -> Mage to avoid unnecessary overlaps and because I have always had the idea that Lord De'Arnise would teach his daughter how to defend herself and train her to use flails with the intention of passing the FOA on to her someday.)

Help me out guysss.


  • velehalvelehal Member Posts: 249
    You can never be wrong with multi Fighter/Mage or Fighter/Thief (or dual, but I don´t like dual classes and kensai/mage or kensai/thief are almost cheats).
    And if only the efficiency of the party is taken into account, I would take Anomen instead of Viconia.
    Then the party.
    multi F/M or F/T

    Pretty strong. You have at least two mages, acces to druid´s and cleric´s spells and four "fighters" (Nalia with only 7 levels of fighter will not be able to function like full-fledged fighter in ToB portion of the game).

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,271
    Ok let's see:

    + Two good warriors: With the right euipment Jaheira and Mazzy can both tank and deal damage.
    + One great, dedicated cleric: Viconia, nuff said.
    + One great thief or one decent thief:
    If you keep Imoen as a thief (so not dual her), Yoshi/Imoen will cover all your thieving needs. But if you have Imoen dualled at level 7 as the game does by default, she will cover the bare minimum of your thieving needs and will have to rely on potions/items time and again.
    + One or two dedicated mages:
    Your edited Nalia is going to be a fine mage and if needed she can fight as well, with the proper buffs. If Imoen doesn't dual into a mage, Nalia would be the only mage, which is a bit limited. If Imoen is going to be a Thief(7)=>Mage, then you'd already have two dedicated mages, making the need for a charname mage less urgent.

    So my answer to your question would depend on what you want to do with Imoen.
    * I'd recommend you to play a Blade or Fighter/Mage multi if Imoen is going to be a fulltime thief. That way you can complement Nalia (the party's dedicated mage) and at same time do some fighting as well. Another option would be to play a Sorcerer or a pure Mage, so that Nalia and you will be the party's two dedicated arcane casters.
    * If Imoen is going to be a dualled mage, then a thief type such as a singleclass Thief or a Fighter/Thief would be both fun and useful to play (for setting traps, detecting illusion, backstabs, scouting without having to worry about potions in order to detect traps, etc.)
    I'm not saying you'd need a thief though. Maybe a Mage/Thief could be an interesting option? You'd be a backup mage behind Imoen and Nalia, AND you'd be great thief. I'd pick Half-Elf as your race so that Vicky will fall for you. If you want to, you could kit you Mage/Thief into a specialist mage (Illusionist would be a good option) for example or a Thief kit (I've played an Elven Swashmage once, and enjoyed it a lot).

  • ArchaosArchaos Member Posts: 1,419
    edited April 2014
    I agree with @Blackraven. You don't need another Fighter. You have Mazzy, Jaheira and maybe Viconia to tank.

    And you don't need another Mage. You already have Imoen and Nalia. Can you imagine having to find THREE copies of each and every spell? Nightmare.

    You don't need another healer/buffer. You have Jaheira and Viconia.

    And you don't really need another Thief. You already got Yoshimo/Imoen.

    So what do you need? Someone that doesn't focus on something in particular or doesn't need scrolls.

    The Blade is a very good option BUT you still need three copies of each scroll except the really high level ones.
    You can focus on Pick-Pocketing though.

    Alternatively, I would recommend a Stalker.
    -You automatically focus on stealth.
    -You can use exotic weapons that the others don't use.
    -Free Two-Weapon Style points.
    -You can wear the lighter armor that none of your other companions can or should wear. (Caster or tank, no middle ground)
    -Backstabbing with two weapons and Fighter THAC0 plus bonus Druid spells. (Meh but they are free)

    Perhaps a Fighter/Thief or Assassin as alternatives though the Stalker is absolutely awesome.

    Another idea. A Half-Orc/Human Barbarian. Pure offense with two handed swords and wears the lighter armor. Also tons of HP in the beginning.
    Leave the tanking to others, while you focus on pure melee carnage.

    Yet another option, similar to the Stalker. Play a Monk (only for BG2 though).
    Weak in the beginning but also destroys stuff later on and have ton of natural and permanent defenses as well.
    Don't care about weapons or armor. You can destroy stuff with your fists.

    -Awesome melee damage
    -You can focus on stealth (though no backstabbing)
    -Moves fast
    -Can Stun or instakill.
    -Increasing Magic Resistance.
    -You have the pleasure of owning almost everything without any weapon or armor.

    The Monk and Viconia are the best defensive anti-casters with their MR.
    While the Inquisitor is the best offensive anti-caster. He destroys enemies' buffs with his Dispel.

  • twillighttwillight Member Posts: 65
    I bet it's too late to tell, but Viconia is best with Warhammer.

    The party look balanced this way:
    fighter with spells

    Maybe a mage would be useful for finally a strong support.

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