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Proesis's Adventures, a SCS Solo No-Reload Challenge (BG:EE Complete)

GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
Hello everyone, today I will start my new run (hopefully) through the saga with a Chaotic Neutral elve Mage/Assassin.

I'm really exited to do this, I'm pretty confident in my BG's knowledge but I wasn't a no-reload player until recently.

As always, I would like to apologize if my english is far from perfect, I can only improve !

Rules :

-Ascension (I'm probably not going to reach it haha)
- No XP cap
-Core Rules with max HP on level up

The charname :

image (It's not working at the moment, I have done something wrong so I will instead put a link to temporaly fix the problem)
Character Sheet

Proesis has grown in the library of Candlekeep. Gorion tried to raise her in the best way and teach her the art of magic in which she became quite good but nothing fantastic. She is brillant, but also very undisciplined. During her childhood, she was mainly playing with Imoen, sneaking and robbing people. Gorion was always furious when he'd learn of this. Later, while she was learning how to craft potions and scrolls, she also learned how to coat her weapon in poison.

Her alignment is chaotic neutral, she sees herself as a good personn but she isn't really one. Even if she is more inclined to do good than evil, her methods and her way of thinking cannot be considered "good".

I started with 40 points in Set Traps, 1 pip in Shortbow and 1 pip in Short Sword. I'm planning to use magic to amplifie her melee abilities. Her stats are great, they are the result of a 91 I rolled in about 5 minutes, quite lucky here.

At the start, Proesis done all the quests in Candlekeep, she also opened every containers she found. She left the library with a good amount of XP (212 in each classes) and more than 200 gold.

I'm eager to continue playing her, but I'm going to play some PnP this afternoon as a DM so i must stop after i dismiss Imoen, in this particular run, I will assume that she can go back to Candlekeep safely and enter the library without problem (RP-wise, my character really likes Immy so she isn't going to let her die or anything but i really want to play solo).

My goal is to reach the level 2-3 ASAP while being very safe, after that, i don't think i will have any problems dealing with BG:EE. But BG:2EE will be hard to me. I prefer BG1 and I know it better than BG2.

Hope you will enjoy !

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  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    edited May 2014
    After Gorion was killed by some armored figure, Proesis was alone and a bit afraid. One of her dreams finally came true, she was outside Candlekeep, but the cost was heavy.

    She wandered a bit in the wilderness, she hunted a wolf and a bear (65xp and 175 xp) aswell as some gibberlings (35xp). She also encountered some Xvarts (15xp), one of them had a scroll of Friend that Proesis managed to learn, it will be of great help in a near future.

    She came back to the ambush site where she looted the differents corpses. Some coins and weapons could be find, aswell as a letter on Gorion's body.

    She then travelled to the east, where she founded a strange little ring. She fought more gibberlings and xvarts but she also hunted an ogre. Hidding behind a tree, Proesis incapacitated the monster with a Sleep spell she learned in her youth then she killed it easely (270xp).

    After that, she travelled north to the Friendly Arm's Inn. There she discovered another sort of ring behind a tree. She was expecting another ambush in this place, convinced that her foes read the letter aswell and decided to left someone. She was right, when she was entering the place, a man named Tarnesh was looking for her and tried to killed her. Proesis did hide in the shadows nearby and well ... let's say he isn't a threat anymore. (120xp)

    In the Inn, Proesis made good use of her new spell Friend to sell some items, she also accepted some quests, she was very pleased to hear that she already had the belt someone was looking for, what were the chances ? (800xp)

    She also identified the differents items she found during her journey, the rings were powerful. One of the belt she found on the ogre was cursed.

    After that, a woman called Joia was asking for her help, she must retrieve a flamedance rings from some hobgobelins north from here. Once again, the Sleep spell was very useful and she eliminated the monsters without risk.

    After she gave back the ring to Joia, she gained a level in her Thief class and i decided to put the 25 points in Set Trap.

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  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Proesis reached Beregost without injury, she did the quests here aswell as the Melicamp's quest who survived the transformation.
    At this point, she's a level 3 Mage so I think it is a good idea to buy and learn a few level 2 spells in High Hedge.

    Then she dealt with the basilisks in the area east of the Temple, she killed Mutamin with some poison arrows +2 she bought earlier and cleaned the map.

    Character Sheet

    Usualy I'm a hoarder but I must admit that in this run I'm actually using everything I have and I'm buying many potions, arrows +2 (and I'm even using them !) and this is really fun !

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Thank you @Aurorus‌ I'm trying to buy as much as possible, using the spell Friend everytime I go shopping.

    I think I will need some arrows of detonation combined with Poison Weapon in late game.

    Right now I don't really know where to go, the bandit camp is pretty hard with SCS and I'm level Mage5/Assassin6, I think I need some more xp to tackle it.

  • AurorusAurorus Member Posts: 201
    You could kill the dread wolves in Ulcaster. They are worth 650 XP each and try an ankherg or 2.. just go invisible if they start hitting you. They are worth 950 xp each. I would stay away from the Wolf of Ulcaster though.

  • AurorusAurorus Member Posts: 201
    There should be a vampire wolf near the temple in Beregost as well worth 2k XP if you have not killed it yet.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,297
    Hey @Gotural, I had somehow missed your journal, until now... Anyway first of all I think it's great that your journalling Proesis progress on the forums, and I'm certainly going to keep an eye out for your updates. :)
    I really like you character class, a Mage/Assassin (I rolled one once, but never got to play her).
    I agree with Aurorus regarding hoarding. In a no-reload playthorugh it's important to realize that every hour can be charname's last. But it seems you're already generously using all kinds of expendables.
    Two often overlooked items are the potions of explosions and oils of firy burning that do 6d6 and 5d6 AoE fire damage respectively. It's like extra charges for a wand of fire. (WoF have only a limied number of charges, unless you sell and buy back). Also if you could lay your hands on a Wand of Paralyzation, it will help you against tougher (named) enemies.
    As to thieving skills, did you really invest 40 skillpoints in Set Traps? I like the idea of a trap setting Proesis. In BG1 you needn't have much difficulty with most locks and traps if you use potions of master thievery and perception respectively. The checks in the Nashkel mines and Bandit camp are pretty lax. I think 40 Detect Traps will suffice.

    If you're still looking for sources of (easy) XP: you could help Charleston Nib (1000XP, don't take the idol outside) and seek out Brage (1000XP if you bring him to Nalin, 1400XP if you kill him + 600XP if you also kill Laryssa) on the South Coast, killing Greywolf is worth another 1000XP. In the Cloudpeaks, the areas between Nashkel mines and Gnolls Stronghold you could also get another 2500 easy XP (more if you take on Vax and Zal, and Sendai, Alexander and Delgod).

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Thank you guys for the advices !

    Proesis has done the Nashkel mine, where she nearly found death when she attacked Mulahey, he called so many kobolds and skeletons that they blocked the way out. She managed to flee by being patient, waiting invisible until the horde was dispersed then she rapidly slew a kobold with a Magic Missile and escaped but she couldn't open the chest, it would have been far too risky.

    After that, she did some quests in the south, took care of Borda, Brage, Vax and Zal and Greywolf. After that she followed the Sword Coast and tackled the sirens where Sil tried to escape in the cave, but was defeated. She also slew the flesh golems and retrieved the Tome of Constitution.

    She wandered a bit and finally found her way back to High Hedge where she bought a LOT of things (20 Reputation + 20 Charisma (Friends)).

    Robe of the neutral archimagi (I changed her model with the female mage elf one at this moment), the horn, some wands, 240 acids arrows (!) and some potions (explosions and freedom).

    Her inventory

    Character sheet

    Now that she has a good stock of items, she is ready for the challenges ahead.


    I'm really afraid of the bandit camp, I think I will even skip the fights exept the one in the main tent, they were so many of them in my last playthrough with my blackguard, Baeloth and Edwin were using web after web then fireballs after fireballs and still we were going back to lure them into Tiax's traps. It really was an epic battle, but one I won't be able to win with Proesis.

    My other problem at the moment is that I don't know where to find some level 3 or 4 spells, my only one is Skull Trap and as you have guessed, I really need Melf Meteor to combo it with Poison Weapon to make short work of my opponents.

    Anyway I hope she won't fall now, it's going to be so much fun with Melf Meteor :P

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,297
    Hey good to see Proesis is alive and kicking. One question, did you get the sequence the beginning of Chapter 4 when you left the Nashkel Mines? You can check in your diary what chapter you're in.
    I'm not sure myself, but I thought you needed to loot Mulahey's chest or pick up his Holy Symbol. I hope you did the latter if you didn't loot the chest.
    Bandit camp can be pretty difficult. Maybe you can try to get as much XP as possible before going there.

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Yes I got the chapter when I looted Mulahey, I was stressed myself during the battle because I didn't remember if I had to loot the chest.

    I think I'm going to explore another area or two to reach 80k xp and level up before heading to the camp.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,297
    Well done. And yes, take your time before going to the camp :)

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    edited April 2014
    Another update, some cool stuff happening.

    To start, Proesis made her way to the Temple where she fought the group of wolves to gain some needed experience, her strategy was pretty classic, some traps, a Web and a Skull Trap. Level Up !

    Then she headed north, to Peldval, there she killed some Blacktalon while being very cautious (IIRC there are some Webs traps with Giant Spiders nearby, or this is maybe the area east of here) with her Invisibility spells.

    And finally, she reached to bandit camp.

    There she was amazed by the number of guards. Bandits, bandits everywhere ! While invisible, she sneaked through the horde of ennemies and tried to find the lieutenants. She located the main tent, a mage was in with many foes. While she scooted the zone, she also made a plan for the fight, which potions should be used, which spells, etc. At the end, she wanted to poison the ennemy mage with an acid arrow then Web the rest of them.
    Being unsure about the lasting duration of her Invisibility, she decided to get out and find a place to sleep. When she woke up, she used potions of defense, freedom, absorption (in case I needed to rush the chest if anything went wrong) and buffed herself with Shield (to prevent Magic Missile), Protection from petrification (to prevent a Chromatic Orb at the right level). She sneaked in the corner of the tent and she launched her assault.

    But everything didn't go as planned.

    After that, she decided to use Web from a scroll instead of casting it to avoid being interrupted. And Venkt saved succesfully against it, luckily, all he did was a Remove Magic which didn't even work.

    Proesis finally managed to poison the mage, then proceed to cast another Web and finish with some nasty Skull Traps.

    She didn't care about the other guy who seemed trapped in here, and only looted the chest after removing the trap.

    She found a very useful scroll of Spell Thrust and then proceed to flee from the camp.

    Once again, High Hedge was her next destination. There she bought from Thalantyr many things :

    Scroll of protection from Undead, Protection from Magic, Protection from Poison, Invisibility's scroll x2, Mirror Image x2, Skull Trap x2, Detect Invisbility x2 (One day I'm going to be very happy I've bought them) aswell as some Elixir of health x5, Potion of explosion, Potion of freedom x2, Potion of perception x3, Potion of magic blocking x3, Potion of regeneration x3 and a potion of mind focusing.

    And now she is travelling to Cloakwood.

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  • AurorusAurorus Member Posts: 201
    Spell Thrust should prove helpful against Davaeorn and later. Some things to keep in mind in mage v. mage battles in BGI

    1) Remove Illusions does not penetrate Minor Globe of Invulnerability and does not remove Improved Invisibility... so not good against Davaeorn.

    2) Detect Invisibility and invis. purge do work against Imp. Inv. and do penetrate Globes. I always tried to have 3 or more detect invisibilities and-or invis. purges ready in Aurorus´group, especially since some enemies seem to have 2 or even 3 potions of invisibility.

    3) Spell thrust is targeted so you cannot use it against anyone with Imp. Inv, but it does remove minor globes of invulnerability

    4) At least in my version, with SCS as the only mod, I was unable to find a scroll of breach, so spell thrust and spells are all you have against the couple enemies who use missile deflection, etc. (though I only encountered 2 of these, one of them in Durlag´s Tower).

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    edited April 2014
    Cloakwood :

    In the first area, Proesis made short work of Seniyad and his druids, otherwise she didn't fight and rushed to the next area.

    In the second one, she dispatched groups of giants spiders, but first she activated every Web traps while being invisible. She located a house in a tree where a woman, who was some kind of "spider queen" attacked, but Proesis had prebuff with a Potion of Freedom and a Scroll of protection from Poison. With some time, she finally slew every spiders aswell as Centeol.

    In the two next area, she rushed through the wilderness, trying to reach the mines as soon as possible, however, she still killed some wyverns for the xp (450 - 1400) but let the shadows druids alone.

    Finally, she reached the mine's entrance.

    There were two guards on the bridge, but not for long. Killing them allowed Proesis to gain a level (7/7) then she prepared for a big fight. She scooted 2 mages and two fights. She started the fight by firing some acid and poisoned arrows on Rezdan to incapacitate him then lured their leader, Drasus, into 4 traps. The fighter was incredibly fast and resilient, he did survive the 6 traps she prepared for him and had to finish him off with her Magic Missile.

    She looted on him some incredibly useful boots, which explained why the admirable warrior was so fast.

    But the others ennemies were coming, and Proesis wasn't quite ready for them because she didn't think someone could eat 6 traps and make it alive. So she decided to escape and to run for her life back into Cloakwood.

    Apparently, luck runned out for Proesis, because she was ambushed by another group of bounty hunters in the forest. In despair, she drank a Potion of Invisibility and returned to the mine where she managed to kill the other mage.

    The last warrior was really hard to hit with his great armor and in addition, he was throwing axes like a god. Proesis had to came back later, she was depleted of her every spells.
    Finally in the night, she managed to kill him before entering the mine.

    While in the mine, Proesis did her best to avoid fights as much as possible, she wanted to confront the headmaster and no one else.

    And she finally found it, Davaeorn was his name, a powerful and very confident mage. First he summoned two Battle Horrors to help him and waited patiently for Proesis to fall in a trap. Hopefully, she already desactived everythings before the fight started.

    Both Proesis and Davaeorn were now invisible, and she decided to use the scrolls of Detect Invisibility she bought earlier but it was apprently a trap, because as soon as the powerful mage was revealed, he also casted the same spell knowing she was there but Proesis managed to run out his line of sight just in time to avoid it.

    Then she continued to assault him with some arrows, but he replied with a mortal Minor Sequencer that Proesis countered instantly with a Potion of Magic Blocking.

    The fight was very long, at no moment did Proesis tried to kill the Battle Horrors, she only focused on the mage, but his defenses were very strong. (The fight lasted easely 15 mins in real time). After a while, Davaeorn reached the door :

    "Kill her ! Slay this bitch already !"

    Proesis was confronted to an army of guards, it was quite similar to the horde of Kobolds back in Nashkel's mine except they were stronger but so was her.

    She used everything she could, her Webs plus her two Skull Traps plus the two scrolls of Skull Traps and the 3 Potions of Explosion she had to dispatch the guards. Davaeorn was using many Potions of Extra Healing to mitigate her assault and was also very resilient to fire.
    When a large group of his army was defeated, Davaeorn tried to escape swiftly with a Potion of Invisibility.

    But Proesis followed him, used her last scroll of Detect Invisibility and fired a last poisoned arrow.

    He lived no more.

    After this victory, Proesis freed all the slaves and escaped the mine.

    And now she is heading, for Baldur's Gate !

  • AurorusAurorus Member Posts: 201
    Congratulations. Great battle. You just can´t have enough detect invisibility.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,297
    Yep, very very well done, with patience and with the right tactics at the right time :)

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    edited April 2014
    Thank you guys ! Let's continue

    On her way to the city of Baldur's Gate, Proesis encountered many ankhegs next to a farm; They were easy prey for her magic, most notably the spell Sleep was very potent against them. She decided to help a local farmer to find his son. She did find him, in the ankheg's nest but he was dead. She had to use a Strenght spell to carry him over.
    The farmer was destroyed by the loss of his son and Proesis couldn't help but give him some gold to help him in his life.

    After that, Proesis finally reached Baldur. There she met with Elminster once again, she was starting to get tired of him but stayed polite. After a brief and cryptic conversation, he left. Then she went to a fabulous magic shop, and bought many spells, including Melf's Minute Meteor. The spell was so important for her that she decided to drink a Potion of Mind Focusing and a Potion of Genius (Total Int 25) to be sure to scribe everything. She also bought 60 arrows of detonation and 50 arrows of dispelling which will sure prove to be very useful.


    Then Proesis went to Uldoth's Beard, where she met a very powerful and respected mage of the region, Shandalar. He asked her to retrieve his cloak on an island far from here and she accepted. On the island, she found somee polar bears (900xp) and many winter wolves (975xp). But she also encountered some mages, trapped on the island.
    Apparently they were all mad, so she decided to slay them all, starting with Andris and his fellows, with a surprise.
    The poisoned arrows of detonation she bought earlier were extremely effective and destroyed her opponents in a few seconds, except for Andris which manage to teleport away.

    When Proesis thought she was safe, her ennemy reappeared behind her and threw a powerful Chaos spell. Praying for the best, Proesis ran behind a wall and drank a Potion of Invisibility which saved her life. The mage, furious, teleported away once again.

    Then she walked through the place, killing her foes with ease thanks to her very nasty poisoned Melf's Meteors. (Another fight)

    But after this last fight, she encountered Andris once again ! This time she killed him once for good.

    Soon after, she activated a very dangerous Lightning Bolt trap that nearly killed her ! But it gave her an idea. If the place is rulled by mages, then all the traps must be magical she thought.

    So she decided to try to use a Minor Globe of Invulnerability instead of detecting traps, and it was really effective ! She even managed to attract a Fireball trap to a gnome caster nearby to kill him easely.

    After dealing with some more wolves, Proesis finally found the last mage of this place, the one who had the cloak whe was looking for. And she slew him easely.

    Proesis was then teleported back to Shandalar who was very pleased. A sentiment she shared, she had the occasion to fight some powerful mages and to acquire some good items, she even thought about killing Shandalar, but a mage powerful enough to teleport others people on an island was probably far too strong for her.

    Instead, she sold most of her magic stuff to the merchant. She discovered she had looted a Stoneskin scroll earlier on the island, she was very excited to learn it, she also bought the only scroll of Improved Invisibility from the same merchant.

    Unfortunatly, she failed to scribe BOTH SCROLLS. (Oh God Why, the only other scroll of Stoneskin of the game is found during Neera's quest, and I don't want to take her with me)


    Back to Baldur's Gate, she was approched by Scar a member of the Flaming Fist, who gave her a quest : to investigate the Seven's Suns.
    And that's what she did, the place was infested by dopplegangers she defeated. She also freed a man who known Scar then she returned to him.

    He was very pleased and asked Proesis to do another task, to find a murderer apparently hidden in the sewers. She accepted and dealt with an Ogre Mage and his minions in the sewers. She also encountered the "king of the sewers" who wanted to "taste her death".

    "Taste tour own death first !" she replied while killing him.
    Scar was once again pleased and he was paying much gold.

    Afer that, Proesis did some minor quests in the city, she also slew a Greater Bassilisk. And she encountered Ramazith, another mage, who wanted her to fight one of his rival to retrieve another cloak.

    In all honestly, Proesis developed a viscious liking for mage dueling and killing, so she decided to kill them both instead.
    She also found a Tome of Intelligence in Ramazith's tower.

    Then she met her friend Aldeth Sashenstar once again, he asked her to investigate his place because he found his collegues were acting very strange lately. Proesis easely found some proofs and started an epic battle with many dopplegangers. The poisoned arrows of detonation proved to be supremely powerful, but she also accidently killed all of her friends ...

    She didn't really care. Her power was growing and she found it easier and easier to kill whoever got in her way.

    She returned to Scar and he asked her to complete a final task : to infiltrate the Iron Throne itself. Proesis immediatly accepted the mission, and headed to their general quarters where she unloaded her magic and her weapons onto her ennemies.

    But it wasn't so easy ! Proesis accidently poisoned herself with one of her arrow of detonation and althought she used an Antidote, she suffered great damages.

    After the task was done, she returned to Scar and met Duke Eltan who gave her a powerful scroll and instructed her to go back to Candlekeep to follow the Iron Throne leaders.


    When she arrived, she was instantly ambushed by 5 Ogres Mages. Surprised, Proesis had to deal with them one by one in a corner. She knew this place better than her aggressors and used this knowledge to her advantage.

    Then she entered Candlekeep and spoke with a man, Koveras was his name. Proesis identified him as the Armored Figure who killed Gorion a few months earlier (easely my favorite line of the first game) but he flew before she could kill him.

    Instead she recalled her original purpose, she met the Iron Throne leaders and slaughtered them all. Her revenge was nearly complete. At first, she was a helpless and terrified child, but now, she was a force to be reckoned with and a powerful mage herself.

    After looting the bodies, she was intercepted by the guards who emprisonned her. But she escaped, thanks to her old friend Tethoril. Now she must get through the catacombs of Candlekeep.


    Whoa, the game is really easy since I've got the MMM and the arrows of detonation, the aoe damages are insane ! I think BG:EE won't be a threat anymore, but BG2:EE will.

    I like how I'm not sure about her alignment anymore, she used to be quite good, but now she is quite evil ! It is quite fitting for her Chaotic Neutral alignment but I think I will make a definitive choice in BG2:EE and change her alignment with EEKeeper based on her future actions.

    See you next time !

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    I really enjoyed reading your adventure with Proesis!

    I just want to warn you that removing the XP cap when playing solo in BG1 can make things rather boring in BG2. You'll be able to reach around 1 200 000 experience in BG1 and that'll put you on 600K/600K at the start of BG2 which makes the game rather boring. You'll also be able to reach 8 000 000 experience before you get to the Underdark.

    I quit playing my Swash/Mage because he just had too much experience from BG1.

    I hope it works out for you though, i'll follow this thread for sure!

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Thank you @SionIV‌ ! I don't intend to do every quests in BG1, I'm at something like 300k xp at the moment and I think I'm going to finish the game (if I don't die of course) with something like 400k xp. I'm definitely not going to Durlag's Tower :P and I will also avoid the werewolf's island.

    For the BG2:EE part, I must admit that I don't know it very well compared to BG:EE, so I will take every advantages I can this time around.

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    Gotural said:

    Thank you @SionIV‌ ! I don't intend to do every quests in BG1, I'm at something like 300k xp at the moment and I think I'm going to finish the game (if I don't die of course) with something like 400k xp. I'm definitely not going to Durlag's Tower :P and I will also avoid the werewolf's island.

    For the BG2:EE part, I must admit that I don't know it very well compared to BG:EE, so I will take every advantages I can this time around.

    Good luck! And remember to learn as many spells as possible in BG1, will let you sell the ones you get in BG2 for quite a bit of money.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,297
    Gotural said:

    When Proesis thought she was safe, her ennemy reappeared behind her and threw a powerful Chaos spell. Praying for the best, Proesis ran behind a wall and drank a Potion of Invisibility which saved her life. The mage, furious, teleported away once again.

    Gotural said:

    Unfortunatly, she failed to scribe BOTH SCROLLS. (Oh God Why, the only other scroll of Stoneskin of the game is found during Neera's quest, and I don't want to take her with me)

    Great. It's very enjoyable to read all this. And the above quotes made me laugh, very recognizable...
    And your progress is impressive!
    Gotural said:

    I like how I'm not sure about her alignment anymore, she used to be quite good, but now she is quite evil ! It is quite fitting for her Chaotic Neutral alignment but I think I will make a definitive choice in BG2:EE and change her alignment with EEKeeper based on her future actions.

    I think your current behaviour could still be called Chaotic Neutral, but yeah you can always change alignment.

  • AurorusAurorus Member Posts: 201
    I like the idea of a bhaalspawn going from good to evil. You can change your alignment in ToB to evil if I remember right, so you could just make it a slow decent into darkness, finally acknowledging what she is in ToB.

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    Aurorus said:

    I like the idea of a bhaalspawn going from good to evil. You can change your alignment in ToB to evil if I remember right, so you could just make it a slow decent into darkness, finally acknowledging what she is in ToB.

    It's the hell trials in SoA that change your alignment, but it's at the end of the game so it doesn't change much until you hit ToB.

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    edited April 2014
    Another update, probably the last !

    In the catacombs of Candlekeep, Proesis had no real difficulty. She drank a Potion of Perception and desactivated every traps in the area while looting the Tome of Strenght and the Tome of Wisdom. Ghasts were destroyed easely thanks to the Arrows of Detonation.

    She killed every Dopplegangers she could find, very unhappy to see them taking the faces of people she known previously.

    After that, she encountered the group of Prat in the caves. They were all hasted and 3 Phase Spiders joined the fight aswell, so Proesis thought it was wiser to flee, with a Oil of Speed, to be able to kite them.

    Once she dealt with them, she continued to walk forward and dispatched the two Greater Basilisks with a Protection from Petrification spell. Then she tried to take down the Diarmid, (the guy who wait for you at the end of the caves, and escape no matter what) but he was invincible and was firing some kind of custom poisoned arrows of acid, he was also immune to poison himself. After taking like 100 damage when he was already in "Near Death" state, he disappeared suddenly.

    Later on Proesis came back to Baldur's Gate and started shopping ! But she encountered some mages who apparently didn't share her sense of humor, so she threw a poisoned Melf Meteor to each of them, and the fight was over in a round (was great fun !). Then she bought everything useful she could find in Baldur's Gate or in Uldoth's Beard, she invested something like 100,000 gold pieces in arrows, potions, scrolls, etc ...

    She also went to Durlag's Tower to find the last Tome of Wisdom. Before entering the place, she killed the two Battle Horrors. Then she tried to fight a powerful mage Ghost, but as he was immune to every magic or weapons Proesis carried, she decided to let him rot in here.

    Then she found the autel where the Tome of Wisdom was. Of course it was trapped but Proesis wasn't able to disarm it, so instead, she decided to use a Protection from Magic scroll and take the tome, just in case.

    Then she returned to Baldur's Gate, was arrested by the Flaming Fist and encountered Angelo who putted her in jail. But Proesis escaped by solving a mysterious gnome's riddle ...

    She returned to the Flaming Fist compound and wrecked everything. Including Duke Eltan's healer who was nothing more than a Doppleganger ! Then she carried him to a friend with a Strenght spell.

    After that, she did the Marek quest and ironically killed the assassin with poison.

    Then she went in the sewers and met Slythe and Krystin. Slythe was killed in a few seconds but Krystin was longer, she protected herself with spells like Protection from Magical Weapons but in the end, poisoned Arrows of Dispelling did the work.

    Proesis then came back to the Iron Throne's general quarters and met Cythandria who wanted to stop her. But Proesis managed to slay her and her two minions (who were worth each 8,000 xp, I don't remember them being Golem and pretty strong, must be a SCS addition). Then she took the evidences on her body and went to the Ducal Palace with invitation found on Slythe's body.

    After a good talk between the chiefs of the city, the noblemen shapeshifted into Dopplegangers and a fight occured. Proesis was prebuffed and threw a powerful Minor Sequencer 2XWebs in the fight and dispatched them easely with poisoned Melf Meteor, the last Doppleganger, a mage, was a bit harder to kill and even managed to cast a powerful Sunfire spell, hurting both dukes but not killing them but he finally fell to the poisoned Arrows of Dispelling.

    The place was cleaned and the dukes were both alive ! Victory ! But, nothing happened next, no one moved nor talk. Even forcing dialogues with the dukes or Sarevok himself didn't trigger anything, all Proesis got was "Belt has nothing to tell you" or something like that.
    So she started to attack Sarevok with her Melf Meteor, she had the evidences of his crimes after all. Sarevok replied by killing one of the duke then a strange mage appeared, instantly slew Proesis with a scripted FLAMESTRIKE OF DOOM.

    Proesis was defeated.


    Of course it looks like a bug, but who knows ? Maybe a Doppleganger cast an Invisibility spell and was in a side room waiting for me to do this error (This kind of behaviour can happen in the final battle with SCS, aslong as someone is alive, Sarevok is invincible, so Angelo often cast an Invisibility spell on himself when in danger and wait in a corner doing nothing) so I don't know what to do !

    It was a really fun run for the time it lasted, and my first serious no-reload playthrough (tried it once before with a Sorcerer, when he traveled for the first time ... "You have been waylayd by ennemies and must defend yourself" (8 bandits with arrows and bows) instakill). Be sure I will play more no-reload in the future !

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  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    edited April 2014
    You're allowed to reload from that, a bug like that shouldn't stop your game. I personally don't mind bugs that make certain fights harder, but if you can't continue your game because of a bug you're allowed to load from your nearest save.

    Sarevok should never attack the dukes, not in the original game nor in SCS. That's obviously a bug not to mention it wouldn't have happened if you were allowed to talk to the dukes to start with.

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Okay I tried 2 more times, and the same bug is occuring each time. I kill the 6 Dopplegangers, then nothing happened. No one wants to speak and if I attack Sarevok, the mage comes and instakill me. Once after the Dopplegangers were dead, a Flaming Fist affected by Chaos attacked Sarevok, then Sarevok goes hostile and the mage appeared and instakilled me.

    I will continue to investigate this.

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,686
    Gotural said:

    Okay I tried 2 more times, and the same bug is occuring each time. I kill the 6 Dopplegangers, then nothing happened. No one wants to speak and if I attack Sarevok, the mage comes and instakill me. Once after the Dopplegangers were dead, a Flaming Fist affected by Chaos attacked Sarevok, then Sarevok goes hostile and the mage appeared and instakilled me.

    I will continue to investigate this.

    It's most probably SCS, i've had similar problems with SCS before.

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
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    This time after killing all the Dopplegangers, Belt finally gave me the speech where he ask me to give the proof of Sarevok's crimes. I gave him the diary then Sarevok turns hostile and focus the dukes. He kills them in about a round and I can't seem to hit him(maybe bad luck, I have 6 THAC0 with 6 APR with the Melf Meteor).

    After that, he tells me I have lost blablabla but the game doesn't end. Instead he flee with a Dimensional Door while the mage (whose name is Winski Perorate) appears, I drank a Potion of Invisibility instantly which cause the mage to bug and not cast his scripted Flamestrike. Then Angelo appears and I can kill him easely and then nothing, I can't go out of the building.

    Then suddenly (after a minute or two) I die.

    I think I will re-install SCS to see if it changes something.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,297
    This is very strange. The speech ending with Belt asking for evidence is supposed to take place BEFORE the fight against the doppelgangers, not after you've killed them. Does the conversation not trigger when you enter the room?
    Winski's insta-kill flamstrike is scripted in case you haven't got the evidence against Sarevok. I'm just guessing here but have you kept the diary plus the incriminating correspondece directly in your inventory or in a bag of holding / scroll case? If you kept the documents in a container you might want to keep them in your inventory.

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