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looking for a mod to help me clean up my inventory

AlequeAleque Member Posts: 149

Is there a mod that can help me sort out useful items from useless? I have lots of stuff that I don't know whether I'm going to need or not. Quest items, weird items, etc. Would be nice with a mod that added a little string of text in the description of each item like "quest item, quest completed, can be ditched", "treasure item, keep to unlock secret later"



  • winterswinters Member Posts: 252
    edited April 2014
    It's not exactly a solution or at least not the one you are looking for, but the abundance of Bags of Holding (+potentially Dragomir's Respite) and other containers in BG2EE makes carrying around tons of stuff way, waaay easier (and in BGEE there are far less quest items so it's not a problem). Maybe that's my personal hoarding tendency, but I probably wouldn't throw anything away anyway and items dissapearing after they were used in a completed quest is potentially tricky bug-wise.

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