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BGEE on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - no letters

So I have a problem running BGEE on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. The letters are missing and the characters are black squares. Anyone else experiencing the same on this tablet? Any way to fix it? The game runs flawless on my SG Note 2.


  • etotheoetotheo Member Posts: 61
    Don't have a fix for your issue but it might be helpful for the dev's if you reference a build number.
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    My guess is the build number isn't displaying either if there's no text. It may be related to the Galaxy S3 issue we found, though, in which case we're working on a fix.
  • UghhUghh Member Posts: 1
    How about it?
    any news?
    have the same on my galaxy tab 3
  • robs76crrobs76cr Member Posts: 3
    On my Galaxy tab 3 10.1 the game works fine....
  • robs76crrobs76cr Member Posts: 3
    Here a screenshot
  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 752
    From the sizes of the screenshots you posted, it seems @Kopito has a 7" version (with 1024x600 resolution) and @robs76cr a 10" (with 1280x800). The processor (ARM for 7" and Intel for 10") and the graphic chip are completely different between those two. That could explain that some models have issues while others don't.
  • ValhaxValhax Member Posts: 3
    Hi, i?m new in the forum. I have the same problem, and i have a tab 3 7" too...there's some fix about it, or nothing yet?
  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 752
    @Valhax @Ughh @Kopito A new version was released yesterday, intending to fix graphic issues (black background, ...). Maybe it could help.
    I don't think it was only for beta testers. So please check if you have an update available.
  • marteliusmartelius Member Posts: 3
    In my case the update didn't start automatically; but after I uninstalled the game and downloaded again from Google Play, the new version installed all right. The update really fixed the black screen glitch, so hopefully, it did the same for its inversion.
  • ValhaxValhax Member Posts: 3
    I try to make as say as martellius, but the problem is still here. Black squares, no letters.
    Nothing is fixed...
  • ValhaxValhax Member Posts: 3
    Anyone resolved this problem?
  • NorfikkNorfikk Member Posts: 1
    Had this same problem until yesterday. Installing latest firmware for my Samsung galaxy tab 3 did the trick.
  • reavenreaven Member Posts: 8
    Same problem here with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7") - black squares, no letters, where all the text should be. Checked out the baldurs.ini and noticed a few 'fonts' related entries, but none in there for size so thought it may have been related - so added a line for it with no change to the overall.

    Its been a new install (and purchase -3 attempts so far, with various reboots etc). Android 4.1.2 - Tab3 Model SM-T210. Can't grab a firmware update (says its the newest). BG-EE version should be latest from Google Play as of today. Says under the Android Application menu details for BG-EE "version 1.3"

    Willing to give anything else a go if anyone else has sorted it out.
  • reavenreaven Member Posts: 8
    Screenshot - almost like the text is black on dark grey background
  • reavenreaven Member Posts: 8
    Took a little time and a little more digging, and yep - black boxes. I noticed that when it starts for the first time, I get it staying on the screen "0% downloading resources" for about 2 seconds, then it starts.

    Is that normal for everyone, or is mine skipping an important download here?
  • reavenreaven Member Posts: 8
    Okay - the solution may be time, may be an update to BG:EE. Fixed mine with Android 4.2.2
  • tarrudatarruda Member Posts: 1
    Maybe this is related to x86 compatibility? Galaxy Tab 3(10.1 model) runs android x86 I have experienced the same problem when running BGEE on genymotion(tried custom tablet and nexus 7/10 emulation).

    Dee, maybe if you build the native components for x86 it will improve compatibility on a number of devices. It will surely improve performance because x86 devices rely on binary translation to run ARM apps. See this for more info:
  • palpfikszonpalpfikszon Member Posts: 1
    Is there any news on fixing this issue? nothing seems to help
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