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The tale of Darkamor - A Minimal load play through

So i have decided to make a little challenge for myself. I will be folowing these guidelines

1. As few loads as possible (only when main character dies), when this happens donate money to church as if you had resurrected the main character.
2. Roleplay it!!! – Im going to play neutral evil, and I am going to take the evil way out when it makes sense (When it is not chaotic). This means that some quests will not give max output.
3. No prebuffing where it does not make sense role playing. I will prebuff if fx a farmer tells me there are undead in his house, and wants me to clean it out, I will buff up before going into the house.
Also I will probably let my mages have some long lasting buffs on, a lot of times. It just makes sense.
4. I’m not going to use the various overpowered treasure found in random spot on the maps like the Ankheg Plate Mail and Pearl found in a field in Nashkel.



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