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A Tale of Thieves (My first ever playthrough)

This is my first play-through of this game. So far I love it. I am an old D&D tabletop player from 25 years ago, so it has been a while since I have been around this game. Lots of relearning to do. So here goes.

I will be heavily roleplaying this game so I know there will be things that vets will say "You should have done thi ior that" but really, I am only doing what my character would do.

My character is named Figgin. He is a Half-Elf Thief. His alignment is Neutral Evil. He is concerned with himself and his own advancement. He is proficient with a short sword and a cross bow. Actual stats to follow when I get home to look at them.

I, Figgin, was born in Candlekeep to an elf mother and a human father. My mother died in child birth and my father was killed while out adventuring. I never knew either one and was raised by Gorion. I grew up in Candlekeep and learned early that the Inn provided a very lucrative side business for myself. I spent my days doing the chores Gorion set out for me and at night, I would loot the weary traveler’s rooms. I became extremely proficient at hiding in the shadows and picking locks. I developed quite a knack for these skills. My longtime friend Imoen and I owned the black market and thieving in Candlekeep. The monks never suspected little myself or Imoen of any wrongdoings. The setup was sweet. However, I grew increasingly bored of the petty thievery and longed for bigger scores that I only dreamed of outside the keep’s walls. Maybe one day, Gorion would let me leave Candlekeep. Until then, I would keep to the grind and my good friend Imoen. She was the only one I trusted other than Gorion.

The day Gorion sent for me to meet him in the inner courtyard, I knew something was amiss. I knew I had to make some coin and quick. I commenced to the Inn before meeting Gorion. I went room to room picking the locks of all the chest and drawers and looting bags of the travelers drinking downstairs. I sold off his loot to Winthrop and bought a shiny new short sword, cross bow and leather armor. I left to meet Gorion. Gorion informed me that we must leave at once and that if anything were to happen to him, seek the aid of Jaheria and Khalid at the Friendly Arm Inn to the north.

I was both confused and excited about this impromptu trip. This was everything I had ever wanted but something was not right with Gorion. Shortly after leaving the keep, we were ambushed by a gang of Ogres and bandits. They wanted Gorion to hand me over to them. Gorion told me to run away and reluctantly, I did. I turned just in time to see Gorion struck down dead. I turned and ran as fast as I could until I reached the road. I found a spot to hide in a bush and slept until morning.

When morning came, I woke and felt as alone as I ever had. I knew I could not go back to Candlekeep but had no clue where to go next. Who was after me and why? I wondered. Just then a familiar voice greeted me. It was Imoen. Oh how happy I was to see her. She told me that she had been snooping about in Gorion’s chambers and knew of our depature and decide dto follow along. I couldn’t blame her. I tried to tell her to go home and that things were very dangerous. I could not live with another death on my account. She refused and so off we went. Two thieves in the wildness, a whole new world that promised nothing but our deaths and yet, we were somewhat excited.

We traveled back to the ambush site to search Gorion for any clues about who attacked us. Seeing his dead body sent shivers down my spine. I found a note to Gorion talking about impending dangers and his need to leave Candlekeep. It did not make much sense at the time but I held on to it in case it became prevalent later. There were obvious things well beyond my comprehension about. We made it back to the road and decided to continue to the Friendly Arm Inn. I told Imoen of the friends awaiting us in the event of Gorion’s death. Along the road, we encountered Giberlings and wolves. We also met two shifty looking fellows named Xzar and Montaron. They requested our aid in accompanying them to Nashkal. We declined. I did not trust these two and why should I? I just witnessed one of the two people in my world I trusted slain down because of me. I needed to make my way to the inn. They left in a huff and cursed our names, threatening to send meanines after us. I thought to myself, tell them to stand in line. We met another odd traveler, and old man that seemed a bit crazy. We quickly dismissed him and he warned me about treating those I didn’t know with a bit more respect. Really? He must not know me too well.

We made it to the Friendly Arm, it was late at night and we sought a place to rest before seeking out Jaheria and Khalid. Upon arriving at the Inn’s steps, we were attacked by an assassin. He cast a horror spell on me and I ran in circles in pure terror. I left Imoen and the guards to deal with this assassin. When I came to my senses, I saw the assassin dead on the steps. I searched his body and found a note on him. It was a bounty for me. I inquired about my friend I was traveling with. That is when I saw her lifeless body. Another dead on my account. The guard took her to the temple and said I may find help there in resurrecting her, if I had the coin. I couldn’t bear the thought of my only friend dead. Luckily, I had the coin, thanks to the unsuspecting visitors to the Candlekeep Inn. I paid the money and went to the Inn for slumber and Jaheria and Khalid. I would return tomorrow for Imoen.

The Inn was not much different than Candlekeep’s, just bigger. I made my normal rounds in the guests rooms and sold off my loot to the barkeep. I rented a room and went to sleep. In the morning, I awoke and found Jaheria and Khalid. They were saddened by Gorion’s passing and offered to accompany me In my travels. I had nowhere to go and after last night’s run in with that assassin and Imoen’s death, I knew we needed help. We would not last a month out here alone. We gathered Imoen and headed out. Jaheria and Khalid needed to go to Nashkill to check out some weird occurrences down there, related to the iron shortage. I agreed to that agenda since I had not one of my own. We were apporcahed by an old lady that told us she was robbed by some Hobgoblins. She lost her precious ring and wanted someone to get it back for her. She could offer no payment. I accepted but knew that I would keep it and sell it once we got to Nashkill. Me doing something for free? Hah, silly humans.

We encountered the Hobgoblins outside the Inn’s walls. We made short work of them. It was nice to have some help that had fighting experience on our side. I was growing increasingly confident in our little party. We only lack a mage at this point. We found the ring and I kept it in a safe place, my pocket. With Imoen by my side, I vowed to keep her protected at all costs. Our friendship only grew stronger each day. I felt something for her that I had never felt before. We ventured out for Nashkill and came upon a raided caravan outside Bergost. We decided to set camp here and see what or who raided this caravan in the morning.



  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,017
    Just an FYI
    you might have to take some of your back story with a grain of salt. Things will happen that might alter it somewhat. that's the down side of playing a heavily story driven game like this.

    good start. and good luck with the game. sounds like you are loving it as much as the rest of us do.

  • FigginFiggin Member Posts: 43

    Just an FYI

    you might have to take some of your back story with a grain of salt. Things will happen that might alter it somewhat. that's the down side of playing a heavily story driven game like this.

    good start. and good luck with the game. sounds like you are loving it as much as the rest of us do.
    I should have said that Figgin was told of his back story. It may not end up being so true.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,277
    Cool, first ever playthrough! You're in for a treat. And so are we, if you continue posting your character's exploits. Good luck, and enjoy the ride!

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