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Confused by Bhaalpowers

Hello everyone.

First of all, I'm pretty new to the BG. I remember playing BG1 like 10 years (or even more?) ago but I ended pretty quickly. Maybe I was just too young to appreciate it's awesomeness. Or maybe my English skill wasn't good enough to truly enjoy it. I don't remember.

Anyway, now with the release of EE version, I decided to give it a second try. And decided to skip BG1 because my game time is very limited these days and I thought that BG2 will be more than enough for me to handle.

I started playing a Monk and pretty much from the beginning I was wondering why I have all these special abilites: Horror. Larloch Minor Drain, Draw Upon Holy Might and Vampiric Touch. I checked the manuals (even the Unofficial one) and only found that Monk should have Lay on Hands and Stunning Blow. After some Googling I finally figured out that it's related to BG1 events so I got that automatically with a new character.

But, and now is the part why I actually came, I'm confused why I have these so called Evil Bhaalpowers.
My monk is a lawful neutral human with a reputation of 10.
I've found this page from aTweaks (, which claims that above should give me Good Bhaalpowers.

So first I wanted to write a bug report, but then I stopped myself and realized I should probably first ask here to see if I'm missing something, because I'm BG newbie. So here I am asking.

Can anyone explain this to me, please?
Thank you for your time!


  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,689
    In Baldur's gate it has to do with your reputation what spells you'll get.

    In Baldur's gate 2 it has to do with your alignment unless you import your character from BG1.

    Good alignment -> Good spells.
    Neutral alignment -> Random.
    Evil alignment -> Evil spells.

    I'm not 100% sure of this, but i've always gotten the same spells as Good and it's been completely random what i get when i play Neutral.
  • LyrickCZELyrickCZE Member Posts: 2
    Oh, I think I see what I misunderstood.

    " to characters who have a reputation above 9 after certain Chapters in BG1 !!and!! characters to whose alignment isn't Chaotic Evil at the start of BG2"

    I interpreted this "and" as "you need to meet both conditions".

    Your explanation makes perfect sense.

    Thank you!
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