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Problems dealing with dummies in durlag basement (but not the one already posted !)

I have a strange issue on the basement. i delt with the statue at the beginning, delt with the room in the south and I was able to get to the dummies, to put the colored stones and get the doppelgänger to attack and kill him. but now when I attack the middle dummy, the door that opens or close is the one from the room on the south !!!!, not the so called throne room. trouble is I don't have a saved game 'before the state machine got broken'. is there a method to reset it properly ? So far I am stuck, and because of the post strongly advising not to leave the tower, I am really stacked here.
issue might have been triggered by me going out of the level , but I lost track exactly what I did before it got broken.
I tried getting out of this level and back in, this did not work, I tried putting back the stones in the drawers in the south room which helped some how getting a second time the fire ball, but it did not seems to reset the situation.

Looking forward to any suggestion !

Having access to the dev console in iPad would really help ... Could workaround. I don't have the PC version.

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