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DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
In order to facilitate the process of helping you to get your game working the way you want it, this guide will outline some of the things that are most helpful when troubleshooting:

1. Game Version

This is incredibly helpful. If you're playing the game on 1.0.2014, then we know you're playing a much older version than if you're playing 1.3.2049.

2. System Information

List your system information in the following format, so that we can identify common issues based on your hardware:

Device Model (if applicable):
Operating System:
System RAM:

3. Mod Information

If you've installed mods on your game or edited your save with an editor like EE Keeper, be sure to tell us what mods you're using and what changes you made.

4. Saved Games (if applicable)

If the issue has to do with gameplay, be sure to attach a zip file containing the affected saved game.

And that's it. Include as much information as possible about what the issue is you're facing, and if you can, include steps to reproduce it following the same format as a bug report. If it turns out to be a bug with the game, we'll work with you to get a solid bug report; if it's something hardware-related or something that was caused by one of your mods, we'll try to get you back out there and adventuring as quickly as possible.

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