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Who did the creators of BG1 intend you to be?

cloakanddaggercloakanddagger Member Posts: 111
edited September 2012 in Archive (General Discussion)
I was just thinking about the OG portraits from BG1. I'm pretty sure all of the portraits had an NPC in the game, except the first portrait. The bald guy with like metal in his chest. So it seems you are meant to pick him which makes sense as a son of Bhaal. And then what class were you meant to play? I mean you would think that the portrait that is intended for the player would be a very class-neutral looking character, but the man clearly looks like more of a brute, than say a mage or thief. So were you meant to play a fighter, which is also the class at the top of the creation page. What do you guys think? Also did anyone use that portrait? And if so what class were you? I never used it myself.
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