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[(BG2) bug] Wild magic/dead magic vs. innate abilities

CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,420
edited November 2012 in Fixed
Several innate abilities are not flagged as non-magical abilities, allowing them to be affected by wild magic and/or dead magic zones:
// Non-magical innate abilities shouldn't be affected by Wild Magic and Dead Magic zones (aVENGER)
ACTION_FOR_EACH ~file~ IN // for each of the following files
~spcl152~ // Barbarian Rage
~spcl211~ // Paladin Lay On Hands
~spcl321d~ // Berserker Enrage secondary effect (becoming winded)
~spcl611~ // Druid Shapeshift Brown Bear
~spcl612~ // Druid Shapeshift Wolf
~spcl613~ // Druid Shapeshift Black Bear
~spcl632~ // Avenger Shapeshift Spider
~spcl633~ // Avenger Shapeshift Baby Wyvern
~spcl634~ // Avenger Shapeshift Fire Salamander
~spcl643~ // Shapeshifter Werewolf Transformation
~spcl644~ // Shapeshifter Greater Werewolf Transformation
~spcl815~ // Monk Lay On Hands
~sppr731~ // Druid Fire Elemental Transformation
~sppr732~ // Druid Earth Elemental Transformation
BEGIN // execute the following
ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~%file%.spl~ BEGIN // if the designated file with a SPL extension exists
COPY_EXISTING ~%file%.spl~ ~override~
PATCH_IF (%SOURCE_SIZE% > 0x71) THEN BEGIN // file size sanity check (filters out 0 byte files i.e. ALLOW_MISSING)
READ_BYTE 0x19 "flags"
WRITE_BYTE 0x19 ("%flags%" BOR 0b01000000) // add the Non-Magical flag
END // ends file size check
END // ends ACTION_FOR_EACH block

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