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Create a new character! Darkwood.

Tola_ZagniyTola_Zagniy Member Posts: 26
edited May 2014 in BGII:EE Mods
Not so long ago I began work on a new character BG2: EE. Before I begin, I would like to thank a lolien, for what advised to create this topic, as well as his Canadian friend Vladiom, for his help in the work on the text and support.

Let's start!


name - Orbn'ek Darkwood
alignment - chaotic good

[It is not a "good" character, despite his alignment.
He does good deeds, believing that the surest way to achieve its objectives (alas, not always of noble)]

race - tiefling
height - 6 '3 ˝ (190.5 cm)
weight - 200 lb (approx)
Homeworld - Oerth (more information) Very long lived to Acheron
class - Rogue (Thief) bonus - (Looking / defusing traps, penalty - pickpocketing)
weapon specialization - short sword (5) weapons and shield (2)
attributes - in development
biographical details - in development

What we have at the moment:
1) I have just finished the first concept art of this character. I hope it will be a source of inspiration for all who decide that wants to take part
2) Already have the first portrait (my main aim now is to finish the work on it)
"Work on the portrait was completed. All of the resources are in this thread and are freely available."
3) Just yesterday, there were first replicas:

"Where you looking at? It's my face ... not a road map. (poky primer (spitting sound)"

Orbn'ek Darkwood

a)No need to fear! Damn ... it’s never works.
b)You rarely make the right decisions - remember this is one of them.
c) I knew two guys who could not stop playing "toy soldiers". This soldier is tired If he forgets to point to you about an arrow, axe or inbound catapult firing. So don’t be surprised.
d) I have only one eye, but even so, I see there is nothing to do!
e) Damn, I really had forgotten what it is ... (cough)
f) What?
g) Again brilliant plan? (Sigh) ...
h) A-aha…
i) Be assured, I'll do it
j) Stupidity of course, but you know, I like it
k) ts-ts-ts (snapping tongue)... what do we have here, oh I see that is nothing good
l) Argh (Or something like that) =)
m) Well, it could be worse ... but not ... could not. Back to Acheron ...
n) I think I stepped on something ... If I can peel it off of my boot will you have a look?
o) watered beer, broken furniture, girls (dreamily) where is the temple of all of this?
p) Not bad… compared to some places where I have been to, indeed!
q) Rumor has it that Clandor's night ends with the arrival of the orcs ... or was it about Nishrek and goblins. In any case, they do not take prisoners.
w) The usual thing ... strategic approach is visible instantly, all of the pawns are in positions... Oh sorry, we are missing some…

Looking at it, we can imagine his personality traits. I specifically did not paint all thoroughly in an attempt to keep "oxygen" for a person who wants to engage in voice acting. My only comment - manner of speaking and the strong should have a pronounced Irish accent.

structure of dialogue (I'm sure it will be helpful)

[ XXXXXXXa.wav Battle Cry 1
XXXXXXXb.wav Becoming Leader
XXXXXXXc.wav Tired
XXXXXXXd.wav Bored
XXXXXXXe.wav Badly Wounded
XXXXXXXf.wav Selected 1
XXXXXXXg.wav Selected 2
XXXXXXXh.wav Selected 3
XXXXXXXi.wav Action Acknowledgement 1
XXXXXXXj.wav Action Acknowledgement 2
XXXXXXXk.wav Action Acknowledgement 3
XXXXXXXl.wav Being Hit
XXXXXXXm.wav Dying
XXXXXXXn.wav In Forest
XXXXXXXo.wav In City
XXXXXXXp.wav In Dungeon
XXXXXXXq.wav Daytime
XXXXXXXr.wav Nighttime
XXXXXXXs.wav Action Acknowledgement 4
XXXXXXXt.wav Action Acknowledgement 5
XXXXXXXu.wav Action Acknowledgement 6
XXXXXXXv.wav Action Acknowledgement 7
XXXXXXXw.wav Reaction to Party Member Death
XXXXXXXx.wav Rare Select 1
XXXXXXXy.wav Rare Select 2
XXXXXXXz.wav Critical Hit Given
XXXXXXX1.wav Critical Miss
XXXXXXX2.wav Target Immune
XXXXXXX3.wav Inventory Full
XXXXXXX4.wav Successfully Picked A Pocket
XXXXXXX5.wav Successfully Hid In Shadows
XXXXXXX6.wav Spell Disrupted
XXXXXXX7.wav Set A Trap
XXXXXXX8.wav Battle Cry 2
XXXXXXX9.wav Battle Cry 3
XXXXXXX0.wav Selected 6
XXXXXXX_.wav Action Acknowledgement 8]

What we need to continue the work:
1) Need someone who can (and most importantly wants) engage in voice acting.
2) We also need any help on adding these materials to the game. (Even better if someone already engaged in this and decides to participate)
3) Criticism - if it will offer concrete actions I will be grateful for it.

Speaking of quality - BG already has its own style. Good results, it is when we confirm this style.

my contacts
Skype - Tola_Zagniy;
mail - [email protected];

with best regards

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