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Pathfinding upgrade?


  • NecdilzorNecdilzor Member Posts: 273
    At least implement the one of BG2 that was pretty decent.

  • diggerbdiggerb Member Posts: 132
    edited August 2012
    Definitely needed. My current party in BGT just tried walking up a narrow path by the Ulcaster Ruins, but the NPCs just kept on bumping into each other and turning around to find another path, where they should have been able to follow each other in single file without any confusion. I don't know anything about programming, but if the pathfinding algorithm could just ignore moving NPCs as potential obstacles, pathfinding would be a great deal less frustrating.

  • Washcloth_RepairmanWashcloth_Repairman Member Posts: 35
    @diggerb That reminds me when I used to play City of Heroes, all characters, players and NPCs and enemies, all had collesion etection. This made navigating tight spaces in large groups really annoying.

    I've also been replaying IWD2 recently and keep having half my party take off in the complete opposite direction of how they're supposed to go. I love Infinity Engine games, but pathfinding is one area with room for HUGE improvement.

  • DarximDarxim Member Posts: 2
    Of all the upgrades that might be, this is the one I'm hoping for the most. Pathing is the most frustratingly annoying thing in the Infinity Engine. I hate when my party's walking along, and then 2-3 of them decide to just go the other way. Or perhaps one character is walking past a barrel, and they just suddenly stop for moment, then turn, walk a few feet, and then continue on towards where I told them to go. The barrel wasn't even in their way! They could've just kept going straight, but no, it was too close to their path.

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