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Modding Questions and an offer to help.

First off, Modding BG:ee on android seems backwards, and I hope any of this makes sense.

Wouldn't you be able to install bg:2 inside bg1:ee on android and thus not have to pay for 2? Or, what about the other way, wait for bg2:ee for android, and mod it to run TUTU, or bg:1 in general.

It's this fact that causes me to believe, reasonably, that any android version will not get easier to MOD.

I've read there are ways to get MOD's installed, but it's complicated. Not the process, finding the MODS. I've found that MOD listing sites are aging bad. Most of which will pop up when doing a google search for BG:EE mods, but that isn't including Android, and there normally isn't a listing stating compatibility. There is forum posts here stating best/favorite MODS to use, inside the android forums, but no real detailed explanation on how to install them.

I have found out that most of the sub directories inside the bg install folder on a PC can be copied over and will work with bg:ee for android. Anything that modifies the ".tlk" files -may have that wrong- is out of the question. I believe the secret to this will remain tightly guarded. You can how ever install any MOD that doesn't modify these files but you have to install on a PC, and copy the right files over.

What are the right files? What does MOD "XYZ" install?

Wouldn't it be better if we as a community gathered all compatible MOD's, pulled the raw, extracted files out of the BG directory, compressed them and shared them?

This way, we can make a list of working MOD's, and a link to the MOD's files that we can just extract to the bg:ee android folder? It would be great if we can have the MOD listing, and links to PC, IOS and Android versions of the mod.

If there is anything I can do to help, and I assure you time is TIGHT. I am a web dev: php/html/javascript/mysql and I can do anything with visual basic, which i guess is useless.. lol.

I have a tmo-note 3 and yes I just posted that I can't get BG:ee to run after I re-rom-ed her. That wont keep me down for long!

Again, thanks for everything. Want to mention this again. I just beat bg1 on pc a few months ago. I bought bg:ee for android not because I want to play it, though I'm sure I will, but because I want to support games like this, especially on android. Really though, I WANT BG3 ! ...flippen nwn(as fun as it's online was)...PPFFTT.

Ta ta!


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