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Very minor Minsc oddity.

MessiMessi Member Posts: 738
If Minsc's reaction to you is so low that he outright refuses to talk to you when you first met him he simply says: "My hamster does not like your tone. Away with ye. (StrRef: 479)" However if you keep clicking on him after that he will start using the lines that he uses when he is in your party like: "You point, I punch" etc.

Also maybe this is a considered a feature request, but I don't think: "Boo, do my eyes deceive me? Dynaheir! Who are these knaves that would dare to stand so close to you?! If they are the ones that took you from me I shall tear their skins off! (StrRef: 13937)" Should have NumTimesTalkedTo(0) trigger, together with InParty("Dynaheir"). Because now Minsc will still decline to talk to you if he bad first expression, even if you have Dynahier in your party while doing so.

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