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Insomniacs Anonymous Late Night Conversations

CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
I've been thinking about seeing if this would fly here. A thread for those who get bored, lonely, can't sleep or just want a place to ass around! ;) Would love to see the forum have something like a instant chat box in future!



  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    I haven't slept in 48 hours and just met 29 playwrights—I probably look like something they saw dead on the side of the road during their bus ride down here. But I'm alert, dammit!
    Theatre conferences are fun :D

  • LoubLoub Member Posts: 471
    I've been voyaging through the corpse of my past, even though I know no good will come of it. As I have said before, I've completely cut off any conscious or trance-related interaction with the memories of my first thirteen years, and that's proven true - even through hard meditation and hypnosis I can't seem to trigger anything at all from before my self-done brainwashing. So I've been sifting through the ashes of my notes, documents, pictures and anything I could procure from where I stand now. It's been amusing, or rather, disturbing for reasons I cannot disclose without violating the privacy policies imposed by the forums

    To make sense out of my statement you would have to first realize that I'm actually a borderline-personality, ADHD and autistic man, and it normally shows when interacting with human beings face-toface. Due to the uniqueness of my brain functionality, I have what you would normally call 'photographic memory', which accounts for my high knowledgeability - I'm not actually processing anything, I'm just recalling it through my innate abilities - nearly all of my insightfulness can be accounted as recollections and not interpretations, where I'm somewhat caught off-guard due to the empty-mindedness characteristic of autism, which brings me to my second innate ability: that of trance - It is a common autistic feature to have the so-called 'autistic fantasies', where you close yourself from the sensible word and lock yourself in an imaginary one - I have, through aprimoration and overuse of this ability, developed my own trance skills - the 'autistic fantasy' is nothing more than the innate trance ability that autistics have, not unlike those of hypnosis and meditation, but much more intense - so, through combination of meditative and hypnotic techniques far surpassed the limitations of any of those abilities, and can somewhat consciously trigger reactions related to the mind, including triggering hyperfocus (like ritalin... on crack), psychosis (flight-or-flight response of those with serious mental disorders, or a bad drug trip), vivid reminiscence (photographic memory to the extreme - sensations and thoughts surge forward along with the images, providing an almost-lifelike recollection of episodes, only you are helpless and cannot act at all - sort of like watching a movie with your entire body - it does have its limitations though: more extreme sensations, such as that of being punched, almost instantly break your trance, rendering you unable to develop that memory further) and lucid dreaming (dreams that you are aware are dreams). I don't believe most people are capable of doing such an exercise, though, due to the fact that most can't even enter trance by any means (like those who believe meditation is merely a relaxing activity, or people who are merely affected by hypnosis due to suggestion or placebo), much less combine three different trance methods at once, which essentially requires focus, empty-mindedness and skill with all three of them.

  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
    Caffeine will keep one alert for as long as you want to keep pumping it in there. (*Twitching face*) Even if you do look like a walking corpse at least you're there!
    What exactly happens when 29 playwrights gather in one spot? o.O In Australia the government would outlaw that... looks to much like a gang... -.-
    Yes we can't go to deeply into that, I'd rather not get into trouble. But, that being said, has cutting off the first thirteen years been of benefit? There are a lot of things I myself have seen or done that I would really rather forget.

  • LoubLoub Member Posts: 471
    edited May 2014
    Considering I have a cigarette burn on my right eye and a cigar one on my glans penis - yes, I'd say it has.

    Truth to be told, I already have impromptu recollections of the 6 years I am conscious of - imagine if you were to recall the memory of having a cigarette put out on your eyeball while doing something important, like driving? The results would not be pretty.

    Now, trying to bridge the subconscious with conscious thought - I believe my own distate for cigarettes, alcohol and the like stems from trauma endured during those years - even if I can't consciously recall it, it has still been marked by my being as traumatic, so staying away from such things to me is as natural as staying away from things like fires and shootouts, not at all to imply that is a bad thing, considering such substances more often than not lead their users to ruin not only by ravaging their body and mind, but also their perception.

  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
    True true. I have a hatred of cigarettes from growing up surrounded by the bloody things. The smell, the sight, it makes me slightly ill.
    Mmm that does make sense, you don't need to remember it to be affected by it.
    To be entirely honest I'm not rightly sure why cigarettes are still legal. Besides the obvious it's worth a lot of money thing.
    A bit heavier then I intended when I started this thread, but never the less! It's meant to be a place for safe off-topic chats, no matter what hat topic may be.

  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    edited May 2014
    Aackk, I've done it again! This time I slept for 4 hours two nights ago, and it's time to rehearse in 5 hours. No way am I trying squeeze in any sleep between now and then, (as if I could).

    "Ain't no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good."

  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
    My other half, having spent quite a bit of time around playwrights, actors and the theatre offers her sincerest condolences and says that if anything the lack of sleep will help. I get by on copious quantities of caffeine. bouncing of walls and falling down stairs laughing at Morgan Freeman on Helium.


  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    edited May 2014
    I believe you. I have found I perform better, sharper, and more urgently after not having slept the night before.
    I did at least use the extra time productively, poring over the director's notes, practicing different actions, accents, postures, etc., (There are only two us, so we are each playing 5 roles). But now I fear I've begun to bloviate.
    I also want to thank you for starting this thread, which has helped me to feel a little bit less alone in the throes of insomnia.

  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
    Yes! It's odd! I've always found myself more alert and focused when sleep deprived. I tend to sleep well every second or third night, not really getting much on the others. It doesn't affect my work or parenting or anything, quite the contrary! I do tend to find almost everything funny though. Half the time I don't even know why, Morgan Freeman had me cackling for fifteen minutes.
    Bloviation aside! That is what this thread is for! You are more then welcome! I intensely dislike being alone when I can't sleep. I consider this just a general purpose/funny place to go for a chat :D Everyone needs a friend!!

  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
    Well, sleep in's are just that amazing. I lay on the sofa, contemplating how much work I needed to do while a toddler launched a massive assault on my caffeine and lolly supply.

  • JessicaKrystalJessicaKrystal Member Posts: 29
    You could have just woken me up. Anyway, feed me chocolate now please.

  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
    Yes Mi'lady *Presents a bag of Timeout.* Please don't go fiery wheel of death on me....

  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
  • JessicaKrystalJessicaKrystal Member Posts: 29
    5 hours sleep and there's a tiny human tearing my hair out and beating me up. Send help.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,152

    Send help.

    Help will arrive in aproximately 5 minutes...
    ... XD

  • JessicaKrystalJessicaKrystal Member Posts: 29
    He keeps walking over to the corner and crying at random intervals. I don't rightly know what the matter is, I'm guessing the corner is just really depressing to look at.

  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
    It's five minutes to late! :O We've had to withdraw to the bedroom. The sounds of destruction from downstairs are ungodly.

  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
    Watched the latest Game of Thrones, we're all now deeply depressed.

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