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Had old save with mods, fucked it up when I updated

AbdullaAbdulla Member Posts: 7

I had a save with I think 2 mods which I recently ruined cause I updated to 1.2. My save-game was from April last year. The items I had on me that's from the mods are simply gone when I log in, although everything else seems to be working just fine.

The 2 mods were both just vendors added outside Friendly inn. One was selling weapons, other armor. The most notable items were the 2 axes I think Kagain uses in BG2, 3+ Frostreaver and another +3. Under my mod folder I have 2 folders saying WepPack and wmart. Both gives no hits when I search for it, so I can't figure out their name.

Is there any way for me to retrieve the items on my char? I'm in the Canddlekeep dungeon with no other weapons and no other characters in party (solo fighter).

I played a times last week with no problems, but were forced to update when I was going to play with a friend. So I know the save-game is still good in that regard.

Let me know if there's anything vital I've forgotten that could help you help me, but I think that's the information I have.

Any help is much appreciated

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