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Will I need to own both BGEE and BGEE 2 on the same platform to import a character?

StormvesselStormvessel Member Posts: 654
edited May 2014 in Windows PC (Archive)
I have BGEE on my Steam account and I literally just bought BGEE 2 on Beamdog (and downloaded the installer), but I just realized that I might not be able to transfer the character seeing as how BGEE is not on my Beamdog client. Will this come into play at all? If this is an issue, is there a way to put BGEE on the client along with BGEE2 or add BGEE2 to my Steam library?

I also own both original games on the the D&D anthology collection that I used to play before getting BGEE, and I assume I will not be able to import my old characters from Baldur's Gate anthology to BGEE 2?


  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,689
    edited May 2014
    It doesn't matter if you have the game from steam or beamdog. You'll be able to import and export your character between the games.

    It's possible to import and export a character from BGEE into the original BG2, but you'll end up having some problems if you picked things that weren't in the original game.

    As an example if you make a Dwarven Defender in BGEE (wasn't in the original) and you import him into BG2 it'll cause a problem as that class doesn't exist there. It'll be much easier for you if you focus on BGEE and BG2EE and import your characters between there.

    You'll find your 'characters' folder on the steam version in BGEE under : my documents/Baldur's gate enhanced edition.

  • StormvesselStormvessel Member Posts: 654
    edited May 2014
    Thanks for your response.

    I mainly play BGEE nowadays, but I do have some old characters from my days playing Anthology that I might want to upload into BGEE 2 now that I have it. Seeing as how Tutu is built on the BG 2 engine I assume this should be smooth? It's really not a big deal either way.

    I am approaching the end of BGEE with my handful of characters (Chapter 4 or further on all of them) and am looking forward to importing them all into BGEE2 Black Pits. As long as I know I can do that I am happy.

  • SionIVSionIV Member Posts: 2,689
    edited May 2014
    You can import how many characters you want and anyway you want between the games, as long as none of your characters have a class that would conflict with the other game. You can always import your characters from the original game into BGEE. So if you want to import a character from BG2 into BG2EE that's fine and won't cause any problems.

  • StormvesselStormvessel Member Posts: 654
    edited May 2014
    Wow that's super. Beamdog really did a good job ensuring compatibility.

    Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I look forward to my continued adventures in Faerun!

    *Speaking of Faerun, Icewind Dale Enhanced would also be nice*

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