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Crash at the beginning of game with easytutu installed.

soviethammersoviethammer Member Posts: 19
I am trying to play the original baldurs gate with the easytutu mod. However, after the mod is installed and the game is started I'm getting a glitch. Instead of the narrator reading the candlekeep chapter intro, I'm hearing a game character say " in the honor of my name" and then he makes a death sound. Once my character is spawned outside of winthrops shop in the beginning, I'm hearing strange explosion noises that repeat on a loop. Lastly, when I try to open the characters inventory, the game crashes and a message pops up that says " An assertion failed in CIcon.cpp at line number 164". Any suggestion on how to fix this would be appreciated.


  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    @soviethammer can you attach here the files WeiDU.log, easytutu.setup.log and all the files with extension .DEBUG that are present in the main game folder ?

    Assuming that you are using Windows, make sure that you can see file name extensions.

    You can't attach these files directly, so you'll have to copy them in a folder, zip or rar the whole folder and attach here the resulting compressed archive instead.

    Also see if this discussion helps.
  • soviethammersoviethammer Member Posts: 19
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  • soviethammersoviethammer Member Posts: 19
    Thanks for the response. Here are the easytutu.setup.log files. I don't have a WeiDu.log file or a .DEBUG file in my main game folder.
  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756

    Here are the easytutu.setup.log files.

    It looks like you didn't enter the correct BG2 path (the BG1 path was entered twice instead). From your easytutu.setup.log file:
    Baldur's Gate 1 folder: c:\baldurs gate
    Baldur's Gate 2 folder: C:\Baldurs gate
    Target folder: C:\Baldurs gate\PLAY
    Try reinstalling with the correct path for BG2. You can find detailed installation instructions here.

    I don't have a WeiDu.log file or a .DEBUG file in my main game folder.

    OK, that means you do not have any mods installed (other than EasyTutu). I would recommend installing at least the following mods too: EasyTutu Degreenifier and Tutufix.
  • soviethammersoviethammer Member Posts: 19
    Thank you. You are a gentleman and a scholar. All I needed to do was install the game into the correct folder like you suggested.
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