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Mod Request: QuestMix BG1

ItomonItomon Member Posts: 183
I'm still useless in making my own mods, but I got a strange idea that maybe everyone might like and work together to make it come to life.

In Feature Requests, I saw a topic about the spell Know Alignment being able to save, which makes it even more useless than it is. The last person then said:
kamuizin said:

@kamuizin said:
Know alignment is a bit useless in BG, even in frist play it doesn't help much. Anyway, if gonna take off the save, take the magic resistance check also.

For me, some additional quests/issues/events could be added with direct use of this spell to integrate it better on the gameplay.

With that in mind, I was hoping to give a spark about making a QuestMix mod, adding lesser quests that could explore this kind of stuff. Stuff that is not used much, class/race/gender/rep specific quests that could add more colour to the game as a whole.

What say you? Is there anything like that already? Maybe we should gather some quest ideas for using feats like Pickpocketing and spells like those in mind.


  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,703
    I give you a huge support if you want to follow this line of work.

    Adding to the know alignment spell, i would suggest more uses to detect evil and other non used spells in the late game.

    If you like to run different in these ideas, instead of make it be used through an regular way, make these spells be checked during banters, so in a banter the game would check: 1° - if you have that spell on your spellbook (or if one of your allies alive have), 2° - if you have that spell memorized (or if one of your allies have that memorized).

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  • ItomonItomon Member Posts: 183
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    Edit: In this post I will state some changes that I wanted to be achieved by the first part of the Mod, tweaking some skills and stuffs.

    QuestMix tweak #1: Stealth (Skill)
    - whenever you are caught in a burglary attempt, while in the dialogue with the militia, you are given a chance to Stealth (maybe a dialogue option, or by another mean that the engine allows). A successful Stealth check will then allow the character to hide from the militia even on plain sight, as a shadowdancer (and maybe the kit has a bonus to it, or give the normal stealth a penalty) - but you cannot avoid the reduction of the party's reputation by 1 (its looks a fair way to balance this: if you don't want to deal with the guards in a violent way, you must deal with your infamy and, if necessary, pay your redemption at a temple ^^ )

    - whenever you are "waylaid by enemies and must defend yourself" a dialog check appears:
    Engine: Your party was ambushed. What will you do?
    1 - Try a Stealth Check (doubles the traveling time to leave the area)
    2 - No, i'm reckless and ready to face them (no change)
    With the first option, like in the pickpocket example, character(s) with stealth will try to hide immediately on sight. The prejudice in this case is the increased time to travel, which may exaust your characters or make them fail a quest with limited time (not a hard prejudice, but seems feasible and fair that way)

    Both above are ways to emulate that the characer is trying to be stealthy while doing the other stuff. Game doesn't currently allows it except by exploit, with is kinda gamebreaking (i.e. using the cooldown to leave Stealth to do things Stealthy)

    QuestMix tweak #2: Bard Song (Skill)
    - bards are cool. whenever you are "waylaid by enemies and must defend yourself", a bard in your party gives the following:
    Engine: Your party was ambushed. What will you do?
    1 - Try to parley with Bard Song (chance to skip the encounter)
    2 - No, i'm reckless and ready to face them (no change)
    This should be a reaction (Charisma) check with a penalty of -10 for non-humanoid encounters

    - Sleeping at an inn
    Whenever the party with a bard sleeps at an inn, game should allow the party to have a a reaction (Charisma) check to earn the favor of the locals. Basically, the party can earn gold regarding the result of that check. The amound should not be higher than the price you can pay for a room (fancy inn allows higher tips for performing)

    QuestMix tweak #3: Pickpocketing (Skill)
    - Able to pickpocket hostile creatures that can't see you ( would open a great variety of quest-solving that is not by killing. I still think pickpocketing should not be possible when the hostile creature is aware of the thief. So, maybe the creatures should turn neutral after some time not seeing the PCs, or maybe another way to implement this the wisest way possible.

    QuestMix tweak #4: Find Traps (Spell)
    - I like traps. I actually love them and I have lot of fun when one of them get me by surprise. :D But not much can be done here. What I think QuestMix could bring to the Trap issue is about the Find Trap spell; this is pretty useless once you find out that most of the time, discovering a trap is not very useful if you can't disarm it with a rogue - and disarming uses the same thief skill that find it. :(
    1) maybe bring the disarming skill to the "set trap" skill, making it more worth investing?
    2) make all traps possible to overcome without disarming. Maybe reducing its space, maybe making visible traps not triggering or something else. The fun of this is to be able to play the game with a divine caster in place of a thief and put more use to the find trap spell. Maybe even add an in-game warning that the place is suspicious of many traps, like Baldur's Gate 2 does in the first level of Irenicus dungeon ^^

    QuestMix tweak #5: Infravision (Spell)
    - this is crap, specially with the "group infravision" feature in game options. I'd like to add the bonus effect to the target of that spell:
    1) the recipient of Infravision also gains a slightly more keen senses and is immune to critical hits for the duration of Infravision.
    - This shall make it more useful for mages who cannot wear helmets, or those who already have infravision as elven mages.

    QuestMix tweak #6: Know Alignment (Spell)
    - This is what originated this Mod request. I'd like to insert this spell in quests, but if anything should change about this spell per se, maybe a good idea was to add this effect to the target:
    1) the target's motivations and hopes are hinted by this divination. A creature under Know Alignment spell suffers a penalty to saves vs. charm effects (no idea how to implement this).

    (whenever i came up with ideas, i'll share. If you have one or more ideas, let us know!)
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  • ItomonItomon Member Posts: 183
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    Now I'm following a BG Guide ( and will try to suggest some changes for the QuestMix Mod. This guide is from older version of the game (it was made in 2010) but I hope it can give me ideas. (and to avoid spam, i'll edit this for new entries ^^)

    QuestMix 1: An Ogre and his Belts.
    The Ogre quest is clearly intended to be fought through, but well who never wanted to steal from an Ogre and live to tell the tale? I already asked about allowing to pickpocket hostile creatures in this thread:
    If not feasible, then the mod should change the Ogre to neutral and dialogue-initiate before the Ogre turn hostile. Maybe high-Charisma character could even talk your way through this? :D

    QuestMix 2: Landrin's House is full of Spiders.
    I always wanted to be a good guy and return the gem that you find with the rest of Landrin's stuff. Mod could make the gem unique (like Joia's Flamedance Ring) and give an extra reward for being honest.

    QuestMix 3: Oogie Wisham's fear of Paladins.
    Dialogue options to cast Remove Fear (or maybe Charm Person) should allow Oogie to leave the place. Meet him outside to get a reward or something! :)

    QuestMix 4: The Great Gazib and The Amazing Oopah.
    I always wanted to make peace with the exploding ogre. Maybe a charm spell, friends spell or even a bard song could calm him down and make him friendly again?
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  • CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,808
    This is a cool idea. I'm learning as I go and might try my hand at some of this stuff! :D Awesome idea! :D See if we can get in some more talented people then I! :D
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