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Considering a no reload challenge

I'm considering playing my first no reload challenge. I'm fairly familiar with the trilogy now and for the first run I'd be doing unmodded EE versions, on Core difficulty, and probably change to lower difficulties for Max HP and scroll scribing.

The party would consist of Abdel (imported from the pregenerated characters), Khalid, Jaheira, Imoen (dual class to mage as a 7th level thief), Minsc, and Dynaheir. I want to stick to the party that Irenicus ends up capturing. When Imoen duals to the mage, I'm considering swapping in Safana or Coren for Minsc and Neera for Dynaheir. I'd love to stick with the cannon party throughout, but I think by the time Imoen duals the party would just about be ready to enter Baldur's Gate and I can't imagine doing most of the city without a thief.

I'm hoping to get some feedback from experienced no reload players. Abdel won't be an outrageously strong character, but he's not weak, either. He starts with two points in long swords and two in shields. I'd add two more in long swords. Khalid is a bit weaker, but he's also a decent fighter and he'd also get four points in long swords. I'd probably go with the Dagger of Venom for Jaheira, eventually, and do two points in daggers. I'd probably go with a point in darts and a point in quarterstaffs for Imoen. Minsc would be my scout, in leather, and he excels with the two handed sword. I think the EE version of Dynaheir starts with slings and I'd add quarterstaff for her, too. Other than Imoen and Dynaheir, I'm hoping to go without ranged fighting. I think the party's main weakness would be going without a cleric of some type. If I don't swap out Minsc and Dynaheir for a thief and mage when Imoen duals, I'd also be without a thief for a good portion of the game. How feasible would that be in a no reload game?

Again, I'd appreciate any feedback and suggestions. Are there any serious weaknesses in my plan so far? I doubt I'll make it to BG2EE on my first run, so I haven't even considered anything for that part. I also normally play as a hoarder and rarely use expendables. I hear they're fairly critical on no reload games, so I'm sure I can use help there. Thank you for reading and in advance for any feedback.



  • LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,309
    It sounds like a pretty good plan, and I think it's interesting to see someone do a canon run (especially including temporarily adding Coran and Safana, if you do that). Tactically, I think you should be fine. Mind you there are always ways to compensate for this, that, or the other thing in the realm of shortcomings. Jaheira and the protagonist should provide enough healing. As you suggest, it's a good idea to go ahead and use those loot drop potions, scrolls, and wands.

    How are you making out? And would you like me to move this to General for a while, so that it'll get more views?

  • PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,989
    The easiest way to complete a no reload game is to give a bow to charname.

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