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[(BG2) bug] Lore, thieving skills

CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,420
edited November 2012 in Fixed
Some final corrections to the lookup tables. Lore for 15 INT/WIS should only be 3, not 5, and the move silently bonuses for elves, half-elves, and halflings were five points too high:
// Fix the incorrect thieving skill racial bonus for elves, half-elves and halflings (Hurricane and aVENGER)
COPY_EXISTING skillrac.2da override
SET_2DA_ENTRY 2 4 8 15 // elf MS 20 => 15
SET_2DA_ENTRY 4 4 8 10 // halfelf MS 15 => 10
SET_2DA_ENTRY 5 4 8 20 // halfling MS 25 => 20

// Fix the incorrect lore bonus for 15 INT/WIS (Ascension 64 and Hurricane)
COPY_EXISTING lorebon.2da override
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~^15.+$~ ~15 3~

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