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Android BGEE, Rasaad Quest Trigger

ShadowWindShadowWind Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Android (Archive)
Hi, playing BGEE on Samsung Galaxy Note 2, followed a walkthrough and so far everything's been a-ok till I tried Rasaad's quest... can't seem to get it to trigger... I've talked to him twice (both times sympathetic to his banter) and took him on a tour on EVERY SINGLE SPOT on the map afterwards... Then proceeded to the Docks at night... and nothing. :( Went during the day... nothing... It's pretty late in the game, Day 200+, and Rasaad joins my party at level 6, is this the problem? Reputation is only at 16 as well... Party of Imoen, Viconia, Jaheira, Ajentis, and Fighter/Mage Protagonist. I've walked with him till Day 300+ and still nothing... :( I've been reading up on the net and couldn't find a solution... Is this an Android only issue? Help, please?

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