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Poetry and Rhymes

TarotMasterTarotMaster Member Posts: 147
I love poetry and rhymes , i have written a few poems and thought of many rhymes in recent years. Feel free to post your own here as well. This one is one i created back in 2013 titled Artillery.


It launches at me this fiery boulder from hell,
It is a thing I know, quite very well.

It thumps to the ground in a large chaotic blast,
It puts me back on my feet again not a moment to fast.

When people hear it they cry out in fear,
And if someone is in its path they can only shed a tear.

It creates holes in the earth some big some small,
But they will always, always be destructive to all.

Like a ghoul that moans it rains from the sky,
It sparks, it flashes, and hits me in the eye.

Metal twirls and bodies whirl all in the darkened air,
Tis an unpleasant sight to give one fright among the corpses there.

Wreaking havoc in its path all things are blown to bits,
Nothing will be the same again not even the old rotten mud pit.

Then came an eerie silence unknown to mortal men,
The artillery guns as they are called are just about to reload again.



  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    edited June 2014
    Pretty pretty walks the night, pretty pretty fears the light.
    Pretty pretty has no soul. Pretty pretty black as coal.

    Step in shadow, left a husk, killed in moments after dusk.
    Step in shadow you are prey, pray you live to see the day.

    Sleep the street and see the dark, death becomes a lyric lark.
    Walk in Shadow as the guild, see the war that leaves them killed.

    See the flow from wound and neck! Was that your friend? Well best you check!
    Members gone and guild will fail! Best you fight the tooth and nail!

    Run you can't, the war will find! To haunt your dreams and haunt your mind!
    Watch your friends and watch the death! Watch their eyes and hold your breath!

    Join or die! You cannot flee! Watch the death... in front of me... in front of... me...

    Run you can't! The war will find! Run you can't! The war will find! AHHHHHhahahahah!!!!!

  • TarotMasterTarotMaster Member Posts: 147
    edited June 2014
    I once came upon a freakish lark.

    That gave me much a frightful spark.

    To which i called upon a bow.

    To smite this wicked creature low.

  • TarotMasterTarotMaster Member Posts: 147
    When art thou afraid of the dark.

    Stay still lest you miss your mark.

    To find the light that burns brightly.

    Among the sounds most frightly.

  • old_jolly2old_jolly2 Member Posts: 453
    edited October 2014
    Like a leaf in the wind ,
    Dark , foul and twisting ,
    I don't belong to any futures ,
    So , more hell , find my scream !

    Oh , pride ,
    Haunt my heart for ever ,
    I only belonged to this thing ,
    That is nameless and never a never.

    Hesitation is made from a wool cloth ,
    Slids past my heart , infallable ,
    What the hell are they doing ?
    It really does not matter ;
    Because that should exist what is unshakeable.

    And time will cleanse all that deserve no existence ,
    Time will heal , slowly with no haste ,
    They will forget , and forget that they have forgotten ,
    This will be the light they couldn't have spoken.

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