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Return To Windspear?

Dave_MalloneeDave_Mallonee Member Posts: 4
I apologize in advance if this was asked and answered already but the one mod I was always disappointed to never see released for BGII was Return To Windspear. I lurked on the Spellhold Studios forums for years checking up on that thing to see if/when it was done and I read the following statement from one of the team members over a year ago:

"All the rights to the Return to Windspear material were signed over to Beamdog back in July. It might one day appear as part of their Baldur's Gate special editions. Or it might not."- Quitch 17 October 2012

What parts, if any, of RTW made it into BGII EE? Is that something that can be shared with the public? Is any of it going to potentially show up in the future? Given that these Expanded Editions have gotten me back into playing BG and BGII I find myself incredibly curious....


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