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Restored BG1 Sounds v3.4

TashTash Member Posts: 4
edited July 2014 in BG:EE Mods

This is a little project that I'd like to share also on these forums. As of version 3.4, everything should sound good in BG:EE, too. Note that I spent way too much time fixing distortion/clipping present in the original sound files so that now you can truly enjoy some of the audio restorations.

Simply put, this is a small mod for Baldur's Gate II and BG: Enhanced Edition which restores some of the sounds used in the original Baldur's Gate for the sheer enjoyment of a bit more complete "that BG experience" many seem to be nostalgic about.

In its current version, this mod restores the BG1 spell casting voices, several special sound effects, as well as combat attack and hit sounds.

I've tested my spell patches for BG:EE in a limited fashion, so please report any sound effect issues you might encounter. Also note that I took the selective (and subjective) approach to sound restoration, so if you feel that something still doesn't sound right, or your favorite spells still sound bad in BG:EE, let me know :)

For more information, visit the mod forum:

Link to download:

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