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So what is the steps going to be

SagaNSagaN Member Posts: 6
edited August 2012 in Windows PC (Archive)
I was just wondering.
I purchased the game two weeks ago.

Are we just sitting and holding tight until what ?
Are we going to be emails a link to go to that will have just the Install or will it have a small app that runs like the GOG download manager or what is the process going to be ?

Pre-purchasing also said something about Pre-downloading before hand, has there been any idea of what pre means as in how long before hand?



  • GrayvieGrayvie Member Posts: 49
    Your questtions were pretty much answered in the "pre-order faq" thread.

    - Yes now that we have pre-order the game we wait until september 18th.
    - You will have an option: either download beamdog client and install the game through it (mostly for people who are already using the client) or download a direct installer.
    - Pre-downloading means that you would be able to download the game around september 16 or 17. However the game won't activate until september 18 so this option was probably made for people with slow internet connection so that they will be able to play at the same time as everybody else.

    Hope that helps... but for the future reference you should lurk around and browse some threads before creating new ones I guess =))).

  • SagaNSagaN Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for the reply, it was nice and clear and answers all my questions

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