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Raistlin82Raistlin82 Member Posts: 256
edited August 2014 in BGII:EE Mods
Ok, I've played this game so many times, now.
I've been evil and good, lawful and chaotic, and even sooo very neutral, I've romanced every single romanceable NPC, I've done every single quest and chosen every possible result, I've killed every enemy at least once.

And then I found myself wanting for more.
So I went to the MOD section, trying to find something new that might give me an idea for a new run...

And then it hit me.
Modders have created NPCs, banters and romances, they've made custom classes and kits, new quests and even new areas...

So, my question is... are there STAND-ALONE MODS that run independently from BG's Bhaalspawn storyline?
Yes, something similar to The Black Pits, but with joinable NPCs, banter, and everything we expect from BG.
Seeing the amount of work that has been put into mods, to this day... I would naturally expect there to be quite a few original storylines which play independently from BG/BGII, aside from using its game system, its items, and maybe some of its areas and the occasional NPC.

So, are there any of those?
If not, why?
Technical reasons? Legal reasons?

Any light shed on the subject would be much appreciated. :)


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