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Party members acknowledging Yoshimo's Journal?

MhamzaMhamza Member Posts: 228
edited August 2014 in BGII:EE Mods
When you go to Spellhold and are betrayed by everyone's favorite Kara-Tuan (sorry Tamoko) whatever party members you have with you at the time acknowledge it, e.g. Minsc's a ''slap in the face of friendship'' quote or Nalia's ''You're no better than the nobles''. I was surprised that when you find Yoshi's journal in the Temple of Ilmater, nobody has anything to say about it. I never played the BG1 NPC Project due to the fact that I never had the original BG1 and full compatibility for the Enhanced Edition has not been confirmed but I heard that it does something similar when you read Gorion's letter and find out you're a Bhaalspawn. Anyway my point is are there any mods that make party members acknowldge the journal?

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