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Questions about custom NPCs

Hi everybody, I wanted to install and play again with Baldur's Gate II+ToB after more than 10 years. Woah, that's a very long time! And I can also try some mods that came meanwhile.

But, I also wanted to try something different that is importing other custom characters from multiplayer to singleplayer (by loading the savegame) and making a mixed party or even a total custom party, which is something I never did.
I have some questions:

1) If I remember correctly, kicking out a custom character forces him to leave the game. Do I remember right? Is there a way for making them go to wait in the Copper Coronet or somewhere else just like normal characters?

2) As many of you know, the party limit is hardcoded, so you can't have more than 6 venture mates unless you deeply modify a lot of data files and script with the risk of messing everything. However, I think that once I read about a way for bypassing a little this. With a tweak, other NPCs would "join" the party not like members but just like evoked creatures or charmed critters/people (but without time limit). Am I right?
They would not be true party members, as they wouldn't interact and you wouldn't look at their profile/inventory nor level them up, maybe they could even be unable to follow you in certain areas. But with silent custom companions it wouldn't be a problem to me. I would use them like strange mercenaries, maybe by giving them bows, since I don't like them very much (plus with ShadowKeeper I might also change their clothes and colours whenever I want), and buzz around just for fun.
However, I don't remember very well and maybe I've got the thing wrong.

Thank you if you can answer me. :)


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