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How to build Mazzy and Anomen for LG Monk Playthrough

I've suffered from restartitis, and after taking my Dwarven F/C through BG1, and then BG 2 through almost all of the optional quests of Chapter 2 and then all the way to the underdark, suddenly decided I'd really like to go through the entire thing with a monk. (I played the original BG when it came out, but not BG2 until EE on Ipad.) I finished BG1EE with the monk, and now I'm just started on 2 with him.

Incidentally, I would feel bad about the unintended ac bonus (he starts with a -4 naked) if there was a wisdom bonus to ac or an ability to wear any type of robe or shirt that might help with ac. I suspect his ac will be ridiculous eventually, but the improper ac now just makes him somewhat competitive in my mind. The 19 strenth doesn't hurt on that front either.

I'm trying to figure out how to build Mazzy and Anomen weapon proficiency and fighting style wise.

My party will be:
Charname- Monk
Imoen-Nalia-Imoen (with a goal to get her back somewhat quickly)

(I'm not even sure who I'm going to drop to do some of the quests like Rasaad's and Valygars, both of which I'd like to do. Jaheira makes the most sense, but I'd like to do her romance and not mess it up by dropping her.)

I intend to get Mazzy quickly so I can work on her melee weapons. I suspect it makes sense for either her or Anomen to use the flail of ages, but am unsure which and what melee weapon proficiencies make the most sense to make each strong. I'm also still trying to do a run without looking things up to get ideal weapons, so may miss certain good ones. Should Mazzy be two handed sword (which seems ridiculous) to avoid having to switch back and forth between ranged and two weapon? Should she be using the Flail of Ages for maximum efficiency? Opinions are very welcome.


  • JLeeJLee Member Posts: 648
    I am no expert, but I like to get Mazzy early and start prepping her for Crom Faeyr. By the time you build it, she will have a chance to get some points in WH and TWS. She's a beast with Crom in the main hand and Kundane in the other. In the interim, she's a Gatling gun with the Tuigan Bow.

    I would have Anomen dual wield DoE and FoA and use Mace of Disruption for undead fights.

    Give Jaheira that club from Trademeet and Belm. Later she can use Usano's and then Spectral Brand.

    Anyway, that's what I have done in the past.

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,292
    Like @JLee I tend to build Mazzy as a dual wielding melee character, despite of her pips in Short Bows. (Generally I don't use much ranged weaponry with any character in BG2.) However I still keep her Bow in her inventory and equip it when useful (for example for Troll slaying with fire arrows). Most of the time however she'll be dual wielding two melee weapons. Since she's lacking in the Strength department, Crom Fayr makes sense, or otherwise give her a Strength belt and have her wield another melee weapon beside Short Sword in which she already comes specialized. Since Short Swords do piercing damage it's recommendable to pick a bladed weapon (for slashing damage) or a blunt weapon (for crushing damage).

    Flails and Maces for Anomen are the obvious weapon choices, for the reasons JLee mentioned. Invest in Two Weapon Fighting, grandmaster him in Flails and get him specialized in Maces. He's also a good character for the Shield Of Harmony in Mage fights (but don't invest in Sword & Shield style).

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