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Hi! New to Baldur's Gate. I have a few questions about putting together a Good-aligned party. :)

Hello! I started playing BG:EE a week or so ago. I just finished Nashkel Mines and the Bandit Camp - I rushed from the Mines to the Bandit Camp to keep Kivan from storming off. Now that things have settled down, I've been thinking about trying out some different party members. In RPGs I like to use all companions more or less equally so I can experience the widest variety of gameplay, but I hesitate to do so in Baldur's Gate.

Firstly, I hear that companions don't level outside of your party. A Garrick abandoned at level 1 will still be level 1 when you return with a level 8 party. And secondly, it just seems like so much of a headache having to worry about more than six characters. Swapping gear around, having to get new gear because the new guy is some weird new class that uses weird new weapons...

My current group is the main character (fighter/thief), Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira, Neera, and Kivan. I like them all, personality-wise, though if it were possible I would drop Khalid off in some garden and tell him to just relax.

So I like my party, but I also don't want to miss out on some of the better (gameplay and plot wise) good-aligned characters. So I guess I don't really have a question, I'm just venting about my inability to make up my mind - do I keep my cozy, familiar party or do I throw caution to the wind and replace them with a bunch of new faces? Maybe I can strike a balance and just replace one or two of my party members, keeping the core intact. I hear Minsc is a riot. Any suggestions about who should stay, who should go, and who should join?




  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    You have a very solid party as is, and I would not change it unless you find a particular character extremely intriguing.its true that if you take a character, let them go, and take them back again then they will stay exactly the same when they are gone, but characters you don't ever join up with will level with your party up to level 6, but there skills will be severely skewed, especially if it's someone early game, like Imoen or Garrick. To experience all of the characters and party styles most people play the game through separate times.

  • poisonipoisoni Member Posts: 6
    That's a good party, you might consider dual-classing Imoen to mage sometime when you reach Baldur's Gate. Level 5-7 or so. And if I recall right you can't have Jaheira without Khalid.

  • GamingFreakGamingFreak Member Posts: 639
    the only semi-weak members you have are Khalid and Jaheira, and they can be boosted to appropriate levels with the proper equipment and potions. Jaheira makes for a good tank with a 1h weapon and a shield. Khalid isn't the best fighter in the world but focusing on longswords with his pips or switching out to bows can make him more than competent, especially if you give him the gauntlets of dexterity for the latter. Since you have Kivan though, you're fine with Khalid tanking it with a longsword and a shield, though again, you should probably give him the gauntlets of dexterity. Give his wife the gauntlets of ogre power.

  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    There isn't as much inter-party banter in BG:EE so you have a bit less reason to add in new characters for conversation options than you would in BG2:EE. Also, many of the more interesting banters which do exist occur between characters of differing alignment (some even lead to combat!).

    You might want to consider adding Rasaad, at least briefly, to see his quest arc which includes a new area and encounters.

    Overall, you seem to have a balanced party and should have fun sticking with them for the entire game.

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