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Hi all, me again (what a shock), as the title implies, is there any reason to take a Xbow over saw Long Bow/Short bow? Or any other range weapon?

I ask because it seems they're frowned upon in the game, with Elves getting +1 to bows, and Halfings with +1 to slings, the Crossbow (outside of flavor/fantasy) seems to have very little, they get the Crossbow of Speed and a nice one later on. I know the Crossbow gets some bolts later on, but I dunno. Is there any real reason to take a Crossbow proficiency?


  • atcDaveatcDave Member Posts: 1,933
    There is no real reason to take crossbow. Historically, its function is as an idiot proof substitute for the long bow.The long bow really required a life time of training and strength conditioning to be very good with, while the crossbow was comparitively point and click. Of course it uses mechanical sophistication to lighten the workload on the user.
    Game wise, the crossbow is roughly as effective as a long bow on a shot for shot basis. But it lacks the long bow's rate of fire. Some one who is primarily an archer will always prefer the long bow, but for a character just uses the bow occasionally, it may be a reasonable choice. Especially to take advantage of some of the excellent crossbows and ammunition available.
  • ElrandirElrandir Member Posts: 1,664
    It's a weapon I either use for bounty hunters (just seems to fit) or for my front-liners, since I usually keep the good bows on my archers. It's better than the longbow in the sense that it will stay competitive throughout BG2 as well, which the longbow won't. For BG1 it's one of the weaker options, however.
  • TheGreatGodLokiTheGreatGodLoki Member Posts: 93
    Do they make alright weapons for solo play? I though about making a Bounty Hunter (and as Elrandir said), it fits fantasy wise, but no other class seems to have any real use for them. Bums me out.
  • ElrandirElrandir Member Posts: 1,664
    They'll be good for solo play. They won't be quite as effective for kiting due to the 1 APR, but if you use the light crossbow of speed then you'll be sitting pretty with 2 APR.

    Unfortunately, thieves don't have spectacular options with crossbows, since you can only use light crossbows. This means you have the light crossbow of speed (+1 enchantment) as your best weapon for BG1, and Firetooth (+4 pre-upgrade, +5 post -upgrade) in BG2. Other than that, there aren't many crossbows of interest. Before Firetooth, the best crossbow in BG2 for thieves is either the light crossbow of speed (again), or a light crossbow +2.

    Warriors have it better, since they can get the heavy crossbow of accuracy in BG1 (+7 THAC0 I think), and a variety of options in BG2. Firetooth is still the best for them as well, though.

    Don't let it bum you out! They'll work for what you need, they just may not be the most spectacular option.
  • TheGreatGodLokiTheGreatGodLoki Member Posts: 93
    It won't! In fact, Crossbows shall be used for any of my dudes. Down with bows!
  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    They look excellent on Bards, as well. They fit in nicely with the Jack-of-all-trades theme.
  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,857
    In bgee, I would say bows are better if you have lots of boni on damage and to hit. Lightcrossbows other than the Army Scythe in bgee arent very good, but heavy crossbows do deal a heap of damage. If you intend to have a warrior either using a ranged weapon without proficiency or with only 1 pip, heavy crossbows are probably better, especially the crossbow of accuracey.

    Bolts of Biting are nasty, Bolts of Lightning are brutally effective. Assassins can apparently poison via arrows of detonation, which makes them a great choice for assassins, but longbows are king in bgee. They suck in bg2 though. An archer using the Army Scythe is brutally effective, but its one of a kind.
  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    edited August 2014
    jackjack said:

    They look excellent on Bards, as well. They fit in nicely with the Jack-of-all-trades theme.

    Yes. Even in fantasy art, bard are usually depicted with crossbows, though they do occasionally throw knives.crossbow is a great weapon for bg2, cause you can get firetooth as soon as you get enough gold, and it's +4 and doesn't need bolts. Really, the only thing missing are bolts of detonation, which really make more sense than arrows. Exploding bots are actually real and used, exploding arrows(while I suppose are possible) are nigh-unheard of.

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