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Can't get past the tutorial because the 'final test' doesn't start. I feel stupid. iOS.

I'm embarrassed to I write this. It's a fairly big problem, and I can't find anyone else online who has experienced it, leading me to believe the error is probably me. The problem I'm having is that during the tutorial, either in the standalone tutorial or the one that starts when just starting a new game, Belt doesn't start the 'final test' part of the tutorial. I can't proceed to the rest of the game. This has happened three times.

Before the issue, everything seems okay. The ranger and druid/fighter join my party and we go through the section on accessing special abilities. Belt tells me to meet him upstairs. I gather the party and proceed upstairs. Belts says something like 'now, for the final test.'

And then....


He doesn't continue speaking. The dialogue box closes, no new dialogue box opens. Yes, I am sure the game is not paused. No one says anything. If I try to talk to him with any character, the resulting message is 'Belt-has nothing to say to you.' Nothing on the floor can be interacted with. I get a message if I try to interact with the stairwells telling me that 'that stairwell cannot be interacted with at this point in the tutorial.' I can attack Belt, and eventually he tells me to knock it off, but that's it. I can attempt to pick his pocket, I get a message that nothing is able to be pick pocketed. I can rest but nothing happens. I can move around, memorize spells, access special abilities, but nothing happens. I can reload the game but nothing happens.

So.... I feel dumb. I haven't seen this anywhere online and I didn't see it mentioned in the consolidated bug thread. What stupid thing am I doing that is causing this to happen?

Clearly I am failing the final test. Help.

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