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When NPCs move between areas

GalactygonGalactygon Member, Developer Posts: 378
edited August 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
These two issues are legacy issues that persist in BGII:EE as well. Both happen when creatures move between areas. The first has to do with creatures fleeing through areas (via actions such as RunAwayFrom())

Current behavior 1: When fleeing through the exit and moving to another area, the .cre gets "stuck" right at the entrance of the other area. When a party member pursues the .cre, the .cre runs back to the original area and gets "stuck" again. This continues on forever and the .cre is essentially stuck at the entrance/exit, switching back and forth between the areas when the party member pursues the .cre back and forth between the two areas. To test this behavior, download the attachment and unzip the two files into your override folder and cast Monster Summoning III until you get an ettercap. Then go near an area exit with the ettercap.

Desired behavior 1: The .cre should continue to flee after switching areas so when the party pursues the .cre, they are already a long distance away. Essentially RunAway() actions would transform into kind of a RunAwayFromPoint() sort of action after switching between areas.

Current behavior 2: When summoned .cres move between areas (only happens when they are pursuing someone or fleeing of force attacking the player) they become friendly but uncontrollable (similar to GOODBUTBLUE).

Expected behavior 2: Summoned .cres remain fully controllable even after moving between areas. Better would be enabling them to move between areas (like familiars are able to) if accompanied by a PC.



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