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area of effect scrolls and wands bugs

SirBaldurSirBaldur Member Posts: 63
edited August 2014 in Android (Archive)
I posted this in bugs area, but wondering if other android users are seeing this. I am on LG G-pad 8.3. Mac and PC users don't seem to have these bugs.

Bug 1 is that Area of Effect scrolls don't work from the quickslot. You can only fire them from memory. This is a bummer bec I like to use sleep and grease from quickslot to augment low level memory slots, and so this bug greatly limits how many spells you can effectively use before resting. Note that scrolls that you direct at someone like Blindness work fine.

Bug 2 is that Area of Effect wands don't give feedback. Direct wands like magic missile or paralyzation appear in the portrait when you request to fire them and then disappear after being fired. AoE wands don't do this, though the wand does fire. Just a hindrance.

Both direct and AoE spells work fine from memorized spells, both in appearing in portrait and also actually firing off.

Would be interested to know if this is all android or just some or maybe Ipad too. So if you have one of those and it works, would be good to know.

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