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Some cool gameplay with Minsc/Dynaheir

dreamriderdreamrider Member Posts: 417
I wasn't playing Minsc as part of my "permanent" party, but I decided to do his quest when it came time to swing SouthWest.

I sent Kivan into the Black Lotus tent to forget his troubles for awhile (i.e. sent him into the tent, where I could find him later, then removed him from party.) Then I recruited Minsc.

I made one raid on the Gnoll fortress map, clearing out the Xbart caves and the outside Gnolls, but the party was loaded up with loot, so I decided to return to Nashkel to cache/cash in/rest before clearing the Fortress proper.

I was also playing this game (of the patch beta) for maximum gold generation, optimized loot gear sales to the best price vendor. I got distracted with going to the best store to deal loot while Minsc's clock was running, so he got mad, turned hostile, and attacked the party.

Now I had PP'd Algernon's Cloak not long before, so this is how I solved Minsc. I used the cloak to Dire Charm him into cooperating again. (

I mainly did this because he was carrying Spider's Bane on him when he turned hostile and I hped to get it back, but you can't trade with a merely charmed accomplice.)

So after the charm I said, "What the hell, let's see if I can bring him around by completing the quest. Maybe Dynaheir can talk him out of his fit." So I did.

I had to be careful to rest the party to recharge the A. Cloak before the charm wore off, and I had to re-charm him about three times, including once after we recovered Dynaheir and had her join the party.

At one point the party was leaving the Gnoll map with Dynaheir and a still charmed Minsc, who was cooperating but not showing as a party member. Minsc did not come with. I immediately went back to the Gnoll map. Minsc was still charmed.

I had the CHARNAME try talking to charmed Minsc. I got the "Let's leave this party, Dynaheir" dialogue from Minsc. Dynaheir did not, in fact, leave the party as a result of that dialogue sequence, but it seemed to reset Minsc so he was still Dire Charmed, but added to the party roster again. When the charm wore off he was normal, not mad at us any more (and of course re-united with his lady.)

It was just a cool coincidence of the mechanics and the roleplay, which the engine allowed even though I don't think it was ever designed to cope with the situation. Neat.



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