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Early Access Game recommendation: Shadows Heretic Kingdoms

Dark_AnsemDark_Ansem Member Posts: 910
I'd like to recommend this game, a hidden gem I discovered:
[url=]Shadows - Heretic Kingdoms[/url]

It's a little Early Access gem, sequel of Kult, Heretic Kingdoms, a game famous for being fun but for having also a tricky system.

It has a very unique plot in an unique universe, you are a Demon of the World of Dreams, summoned by a mage and warned of an unknown danger that could destroy everything, then unleashed. it has a very unique party system made of reanimated souls as "puppets".

I personally see in it the potential to be the new cross between Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment.

The pros:
-exceptional Voice Acting
-unique story, not boring, and definitely captivating
-promised full moddability, not like Skyrim, which was full of hardcoded things
-15 characters each own with their unique story (final version), right now there are 4 and, honestly, I see that until now they have kept their promise
-deep combat mechanics, extensible by the use of mods. an ARPG which differentiates between "miss" and "block" is a win-win.
-vast areas: tested them, and the full world is supposed to be even bigger, despite not being an open-world like TES. it's similar to the first Baldur's gate
-VERY pretty graphical style. it's very nice and detailed, and the places you visit are all unique and flavorful.
-Uses Ogre3D, a very good engine, and open-source to boot.
-Unique setting, which is not boring and has a very interesting backstory.
-Developers are nice and, while they do not ALWAYS answer, at least they read contributions. Sometimes they even agree,

The cons:
-It's an Early Access. those who dislike it know. I don't, but others do.
-annoying skill system: no matter how hard I have told the developers, they still have not changed it. It is very similar to League of Legends, which I personally find superbly annoying and unrewarding, others might love it.
-Static world: do not expect a dynamic world like Skyrim, despite its bugginess. This could be improved at a later relase though.
-No place for thieves: no stealth\lockpick\thievery mechanics, confirmed at least for the time being.

If you get it, let me know please :) and I hope to see you on the Steam boards.
Post freely if you have questions, too.

And vote for the BG Beta patch!

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