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Mod Request - If Possible

DonkDonk Member Posts: 12
Hello all,

I have an idea for a mod and I apologize if someone else has already thought of this and I have simply missed their post. I'd like a mod to enhance immersion in the game, specifically the alliance aspect of it.

I find it odd that when a hostile engages the party, my fellow party members will assist as will the town guard but NPC allies outside the party don't lift a finger. I accidentally disturbed a few members of the lunar tan cult and dashed into my guild quarters for support...

I had another party member with me, Minsc, who assisted but the other NPC's who are directly under my employ (trying to avoid spoilers here but I'm sure the bulk of you know precisely where I am talking about) and thus should count as allies seeing as I am their leader in all things potentially criminal, stood around idle while the make out session commenced.

It doesn't make sense that my party members and the town guards would assist but my own lackeys wouldn't. Can this be corrected with a mod and if so would many of you be interested in such a thing? If you would be then please say so and with enough expression of interest perhaps someone with the time and talent will see this and whip something up?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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