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[BG1Fixpack] Creature Basic Corrections

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1) Death Variables
Certain creatures had no death variables. The following files are in need of one.

Files: sugar.cre, ivanne.cre, sorrel.cre, addy.cre, brenna.cre, caedmo.cre, elmin3.cre, jonavi.cre, kaella.cre, karan1.cre, parda1.cre, slavfree.cre, volo.cre, zombieb.cre, haffg2.cre, halfg2.cre, mtob4.cre, mtob5.cre, skeletb.cre, nobw4.cre, travel.cre

2) Creatures Lacking Items Due To Typos
Some creatures carry items that don't exist due to a typo in the filename.

Files: dead2.cre, deadfuck.cre, flamang.cre, flampun.cre, flampun2.cre, flamsco.cre, flamwiz.cre, jamie.cre, kent.cre, lothan.cre, aasim.cre, amaran.cre, sakul.cre, drelik.cre, skelded.cre, cultass.cre

3) Creatures With Items in Wrong Slot
Certain items are placed into the incorrect equipping slot and should be moved into the correct slot.

Files: rinnie.cre, zhurlo.cre, andris.cre, marcel.cre, shandal2.cre

4) Skeleton Corrections
These skeletons are missing their undead immunities such as posion and hold. Ring99.itm needs to be applied.

Files: skelets.cre

5) Zombie Corrections
Some zombies use damage and dying skeleton sounds.

Files: zombie.cre, zombie_a.cre, zombieb.cre

6) Guards Voice Over
Some Merchant League Guards use an old woman's greeting.

Files: leaggu4.cre

7) Farmers vs Lahl
In ToTSC many farmers got mistakenly named Lahl.

Files: farm.cre, farm3.cre, farm4.cre, farmer.cre
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