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First Icewind Dale run in a decade! Noob all over again.

Inspired by this forum, I just bought IWD again last night. It's been so long since I've played it that it's like a new game again, sweet! It's exciting having no idea of what weapons are in the game, or what to be prepared for, much easier to focus on role play. I'm trying to figure my party now. So far I think I'm gonna run with:

Lentnor - Male Elf Ranger CG - 2 H Sword & Axes (flails later, maybe...I don't even know how 2 weapon fighting works in IWD...never played a ranger in IWD 1 or 2, or even a multi classed character in IWD)

Mia - Female Elf Fighter NG - Long sword & bow

Fiona - Female Human Cleric NG - Mace & Sling

Grimloc - Male Dwarf F/T CN (stealth/backstabber) - bows & s. swords

Morgan - Female Half Elf M/T CG (locks/traps) - staff & darts

For my 6th, I'm unsure, I'm thinking a CN human bard (crossbow & hammer) or gnome illusionist. If I remember correctly, IWD can be pretty brutal, so maybe it would be best to go illusionist (or maybe F/I), since my only arcane caster is a multi so far. If I go gnome, I need a good crazy gnome name, and am open to suggestions.

Any thoughts (NO spoilers, please)?



  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,472
    edited August 2014
    Hey @thespace, just read your post in my thread similar (to the above post) - for which you have my thanks. I haven't advanced in my playthrough beyond Dragon's Eye. I feel I'm insufficiently knowledgeable of the gameto advise you, so I'll wait for what others have to say...

    All I know is that the game is pretty battle-heavy, and that I haven't used arcane magic a lot so far.
    I hope that doesn't change because I only have a Thief/Mage multi and a Bard hehe.

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