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Original IWD + HoW + ToLM Bugs Gone?

I would like to know whether several issues with the original game have been corrected in this EE version.

1. Installing ToLM resulted in the annoying disappearance of weapon-specific sounds. If I remember correctly, there was also something wrong with character stances during fights. They would swing their weapon and then go back to the stance they would use out of combat. There is a mod out there to correct the first issue (it may actually correct the second one too, I don't quite remember).

Can we assume that those two problems are gone in IWD:EE since it runs on the BG:EE engine?

2. Then there was the IWD Fixpack mod correcting scores of mishaps. Are those bug fixes integrated in IWD:EE?

3. Finally there was the IWD Unfinish Business mod. It restored 7 pieces of content, expanding on as many quests. IWD:EE is advertised to restore material in 6 quests. I would bet those restorations are the same, aren't they?


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