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Lore correction (feature?)

SergioSergio Member Posts: 605
From tv tropes..

--> In Throne of Bhaal, a 25th level cleric also receives a holy symbol. These symbols are of Lathander, Helm or Talos, depending on alignment. In the player's case, it can be seen as a Pragmatic Adaptation, as you never specify your patron deity during character creation and since the Forgotten Realms have literally hundreds of deities, implementing each and every one in the game mechanics just wouldn't be feasible. But it becomes quite jarring when it happens to your party member clerics, who each have established patron deities. Aerie (a wizard/cleric of Baervan Wildwanderer) will receive a symbol of Lathander. Anomen (a fighter/cleric of Helm) will, if he has become Lawful Good, receive a symbol of Lathander instead (especially bad since he will receive a proper holy symbol of Helm if he remains Lawful Neutral). Viconia (a cleric of Shar) will receive either a symbol of Talos or Helm (the latter if her alignment has changed to Neutral) instead (the incredibly uptight and judgemental Helm is probably the last god Viconia would worship).

So I'm wondering: any chance that the holy simbol could be corrected?



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