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Can OS X versions be "unsandboxed"?

clocknovaclocknova Member Posts: 23
Is there some way to force Baldur's Gate (and BG2) to stop using its sandboxed directory on OSX and use the standard working directories instead? I've tried moving all the relevant files into their actual system directories, and even left a blank file in the containers directory as a placeholder to stop the app from creating a new one, but that just causes it to crash. I've already lost my BG saved games when I upgraded to Mavericks because I saved my Documents folder, but didn't realize that the save files weren't really in there. I don't want my save games and preferences files squirreled away in some odd directory, I want them in the real Documents folder where they belong. Can this be done? IS there a mod or a hack that will do this, or is there a setting I don't know about?


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