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[Droid] Game crashes instantly

scarfurscarfur Member Posts: 3
edited September 2014 in Troubleshooting
Hello :)

Please could you help me? I downloaded the game, google play without errors. so far so good. But now I can't start the game. The screen gets black for a short time. maybe half a second. then I find myself back in the launcher. oO

This is really frustrating. I ve tried to reinstall once. same issue ;(
all the reading over hours didn't solved my problem. I can't even find threads where people having the same problem.

I'm on a sgs 2, android 4.1.2

Please... please help. I waited for years until this got released. and now my childhood memories are in danger of getting destroyed. kawoom.

the screen is black as long as it takes the mobile to switch to landscape mode. the screen flips then force close immediately.


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