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Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
edited November 2014 in Multiplayer
~*~*~Game Name will be the same as this thread, there is no password.~*~*~

I haven't played in a few months and I want to start a multiplayer game again. I'm on Pacific time, I sleep at night and my day schedule is flexible. I have Skype which I prefer but coordinating here and in game is fine too. I'll post session Start and End times on here as they're planned and I'll keep this thread updated with what we've done and what unique items have been found already as we play.

The multiplayer games I've played in the past were... unsatisfying to say the least. I'm planning on playing frequently, anywhere from almost every day to once a week, and leaving it open so that anyone can jump in and out whenever. But I'm also hoping to find at least 1 person this time who can play regularly (won't miss a single session) and will stay to the end. Until I do, I probably won't start the game.

I'm not going to try to keep a full party of Player Characters or make sure everyone is in every session, but people can come in and out as they please if they want. And I probably won't use NPCs because that becomes tedious, but you can control them if you want. You also don't have to play a unique character, you can play as Imoen or another NPC too if that's what you want (but not before we come to them in the game).

I haven't tried it before so I don't know if its feasible but I think I'll try to play the game without ever reloading or pausing so it feels more realistic. So if your character is perma-killed, make a new one. You can play as multiple characters (including NPCs as we come to them) at a time if that's what you want.

If I remember correctly the difficulty effects exp, so I'll probably max the difficulty (if it turns out to be too ridiculous, we can lower it) and play with an exp cap remover which I can provide you with. If I remember correctly the one I have also updates the game to support things like abilities and spells. However at most you will gain 1 level above the exp cap level, more than likely we won't make it to the exp cap anyway I just hate doing things for no exp. It won't effect drops, or anything else.

L40+Abilities Mod I'm using:

Custom items are allowed, dups are allowed, but no equipment that would exceed the stage we are currently in in the game. The best way to determine whether an equipment is acceptable is by comparing it to the best equipment that can be obtained at the point of the game we are in and if its better then it's too powerful and will spoil the fun. There are websites online like the baldursgate.wikia and mikesrpgcenter which can help you figure out what you can find and when.

Roleplaying is encouraged but not required. The main reason why I am allowing custom and dup items is for rp reasons, as you could play a character(s) who's not even from the region who has(/have) adventured in other lands. But no characters more than a level or 2 difference from my characters experience level to keep the game balanced. I can change your exp in game if you need me to.

I just generated a character real quick for this game, stats below. You can play anything you want, I've soloed the game as a fighter before so it doesn't matter what you choose. Custom portraits and voices are fine, just remember to send them to me (and the other players if they want to see/hear). I didn't use any customs just now but I may look for some later.

Name: Derrick Gurgzol
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Berserker
Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: 19
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 19
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 7
Charisma: 18

Weapon Proficiencies
Two-Handed Sword ++
Two-Handed Weapon Style ++

(Will do Quarterstaves after maxing those)

In-Game Appearance:
Build: Half-Orc Male
Clothing: Default Berserker
Major: Dark Red
Minor: Red
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Light Peach (Human White)

Character Biography: Default
Unique Coming Soon....

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  • Josephus93Josephus93 Member Posts: 6
    Hey, I would like to join your group if you would have me. I enjoy playing Clerics and the occasional Thief or Mage. I'm also on Pacific Time so hit me up when ever you would like to play. If you would like to find me on steam, i go by Josephus and my avatar is Subzero holding a coffee mug.

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    Sweet, a reply! heh
    Will you be able to play multiple times a week or just occasionally?
    Does Steam still work as a communication client? Heh I just (okay some months ago now, maybe a year) started using it again after a decade (literally, back in 2004), its sooo different I'm not even sure its the same Steam.
    It actually wasn't by choice either, but I don't regret it. I'd bought a software package which came with a Steam game. I've since gotten other games that way and through buying them from the developer who only uses Steam. Its a pretty neat service now though.
    I have BGEE through the Mac App Store though, not Steam. Don't worry, multiplayer still works across platforms we just can't utilize any in-game steam to steam functions if there are any.

  • Josephus93Josephus93 Member Posts: 6
    I mainly added it as a way to send me messages. It has a nifty IM client and im logged into it most of the time. I could play multiple times a week. Bad times for me are monday evenings, Friday Evenings and Saturday evenings.

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    edited September 2014
    Okay. There's a thousand Josephus though, idk which is you. My account name is monsterhart, there's probably only one but just in case my id is mpwhart.
    Yeah it was originally only an IM client haha. Also had voice I think, they marketed it as a way to communicate while playing games. Skype was around back then too, but Steam was less demanding than Skype was back then so a better choice for when you had games working out your system. At least that was the way they marketed it, I thought it was too simple and didn't like it, and I already used Skype so I just used Skype for communicating while in game too. I like the current Steam though, I don't have any contacts on there or anything so I haven't tried that part out, but its worth trying out.

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  • PaladinPaladin Member Posts: 335
    I would join. I will probably be one of the occasionally guys because I just recently had a daughter. Still, I would love to hop in and out some evenings, when I can. I like the flexibility of your system. One thing though - I do not have Baldur's Gate on Steam, I purchased it through Beamdog. Is that an issue?

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    Nah, they're all the same game they work cross platform and everything. We were just talking about Steam for communication, I don't have BGEE on Steam either. I prefer Skype but he doesn't have it so what can I do. Maybe I'll convince him to get Skype.

    Anyway, that's cool. Since I'm not trying to force a consistent group there's no limit to how many people can join, as not everyone will be in every session anyway so there's room for more than 6 people. The only time someone won't be able to get in is when the game is full. Since we're playing often, and so far there's only 2 people interested in joining me, its not likely that you won't be able to get in the game.

  • ElrondElrond Member Posts: 25
    when r you playing, did i miss day and time?

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    edited September 2014
    Have't started yet. Still working out communication methods and stuff. I think it also might be an issue that I'm on v1.3.2049 instead of v1.3.2053 like everyone else because I use the Mac App Store. Might wait to start for a couple days for the patch to become available to me.

  • SiliurSiliur Member Posts: 4
    I'm interested in joining your group as well. Just bought the game from Steam.

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    Cool. I prefer Skype for communication but feel free to add me on Steam too. In the mean time, feel free to play the Beamdog Tutorial and/or complete the original Tutorial (Prologue/Candlekeep). There's not much exp from that and there's no equipment you couldn't get at the start of the game anyway. Nothing past leaving Candlekeep though, as the game will start in Candlekeep so you'd end up being overpowered for the area.

    I tested out the difficulty by soloing at max difficulty for a little while with my character and found it no harder at 5th level as at the default which is 2nd. It seems that the only effect above 3rd level (Normal/Core Rules) is that the damage dealt by enemies is increased. Idk if this will effect the latter game, but I doubt it'll ever be a big deal.

    I just don't want it to be too easy as my fighters tend to 1 hit kill a lot of enemies and almost never get hit, which I'm worried might make multiplayer less fun for the other players. At high difficulties, when I do get hit I'll have to run away and get healed while the party members defend me. Because if I die since I'm the host it will Game Over so I'll end up playing more cautiously and we'll have to actually strategize between us which is made unnecessary in lower difficulties.

    However if anyones having too much trouble we can lower it at any time. But not lower than 3rd level because below 3rd it gives significant handicaps like maxing HP/level and gimping enemies. If everyone completes the Candlekeep tutorial prior to the game, we can vote on skipping the Tutorial or not. We can vote anyway, just thought if everyones done it already it wouldn't be necessary for us all to do it a second time.

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    @Siliur, I assume it was you that added me on Steam earlier? We talked for a minute, but my Steam kept crashing and one time when I logged back in you didn't show on the friends list anymore. Idk what happened, how does a program lose server information like that? Anyway I don't remember your Steam name so you'll have to add me again to reconnect.

    I've been having some issues with Steam, and my comp overall lately. I'm not sure if my comp issues are related to my Steam issues or not yet. As I only seem to have these issues when Steam is open but that could be coincidence. Either way this is more incentive to use Skype in our game.

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    edited September 2014
    I updated the initial post to include the link to the mod I'm using for extending the level cap. I completed everything possible in BGEE with my Darek Death remake and he didn't gain a single level above the level cap level (8 for Fighters), just allowed him to keep the little extra exp he earned from the fights he did after reach the level cap.

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    1.3.2053 is now available in the Mac App Store so the game will be starting as soon as we're ready.

  • Hello. I would be interested in joining as well. I am very new to BG and would be grateful for any advice if I do end up in the party. My steam name is SomniferousSilver.

  • jlballard24jlballard24 Member Posts: 21
    Hello, If you are still looking for players I would like to play or if anyone wants to set up a game my skype is jlballard24

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    edited September 2014
    Haven't started yet, but I will as soon as I can. Moved last wednesday, it was all very sudden. And I'm invested in a construction project that may take some time but when I finish I'll have time to play again.

    Don't worry about not making it in because theres no number of player restriction and I'll let you know when I'm going to start it and whoevers available at the time can work with me to set a time and if you weren't there at the time you can join in the middle or in another session (and you can play until you catch up in single if you want to while waiting for the next session). If you want you can make a char and play through the tutorial and/or candlekeep and import him when we start the game. It can get a little hectic at start spending the shared money on supplies for everyone so that way you will already have some basic equipment that you'd have bought right at the start anyway.

    No equipment obtained outside of Candlekeep/Beamdogs Tutorial. If you plan on doing both remember to do the tutorial first as the tutorial automatically removes equipment. You can import from autosave in single play after the tutorial, but export to be able to import to multiplayer as it uses a separate Save folder.

    P.S. I'll post start and stop times of sessions as well as a progress summary here each time we play. And feel free to post your character here like I did so we can see who we'll be partying with. Don't worry about making a character to fit the party though just make whatever you will have the most fun playing.

    Only thing that might cause a problem is a super evil char as we might kill an evil guy if he was about to slaughter an innocent or something like that (something that drops reputation). Like initially stated I won't be reloading unless Game Over and characters that can't be revived at a church are gone forever. But you can make a new char and I can bring him up to the exp level of the group with the cheat and we can give you new equip to fit. Another thing that might effect the game is weapon proficiencies as characters with the same weapon profs will have to share equip but its not that big of a deal if you don't mind if you end up having to use generic or magic equip that isn't the best.

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  • PaladinPaladin Member Posts: 335
    Hey there, checking in. I am still ready to roll with this. Let me know when.

  • DragonLSDragonLS Member Posts: 6
    edited September 2014
    I'd also like to enter. I sent you a message via Skype, but never got a reply. Therefore, I'd like to join you on your adventure. I can bring Bounty Hunter skills to the table, or if you're in need of a tank, a Cavalier instead. Message me on Skype: dragonals

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    edited September 2014
    My Mac Pro is in storage right now so all I've got access to is an Acer laptop with Windows 8.1. I bought BGEE & BG2EE on the Mac App Store (The PC one not the iOS one) so I'm not sure how I can play on this laptop. Now I'm wishing I'd bought it on Steam since I can install Steam on any comp log in and install any game I own even across platforms if Steam has a version of the game for multiple Operating Systems. I don't have a CD-Key or anything from the MAS so I can tie it to Steam either. So that is where I am at with the game, until I get my Mac Pro to my new house or figure out how to get the game on the laptop I can't play :( If anyone knows a way I can play on Windows even though I bought it for the MAS let me know so we can start playing.

  • Darek_DeathDarek_Death Member Posts: 56
    I know it's been a while but I've got my Mac Pro out of storage and I'm ready to play this game again.

  • XilosXilos Member Posts: 7
    If u will take me on your adventure i will be your servant. Just PM me, master ;-)

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