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Dueling, questing, slaughter, monsters and more.

SarevokokSarevokok Member Posts: 171
edited September 2014 in Multiplayer
So here I have, a room full of every joinable NPC, except Imoen for my own purposes left undisclosed, turned to stone ready to battle at the click of a spell. As you can see at the bottom right of the screen I have some trusty Slayer Shadows standing guard against anyone who think escape is a viable option.

Basically my plan is this. When I'm on I'll be hosting a game with a password provided at the bottom of this post. In my server we have fun. Want to bring in your beefed up character and fight some badass monsters that I can summon for you? Cool, lets do it. Want to bring in a new character and test your mettle against the npcs? Lets rock it. (Though bear in mind ToB wont let you bring in anything under it's preset XP) These NPCs are all fresh. I have not leveled them or provided them with boosted stats/gear. Want to test your mettle against my mage? Hehe, that'd be foolish!

When I feel like it I plan on making a save game with level 30+ characters in best-in-slot gear.

Don't want to duel anything? Fine! I haven't progressed at all on the quest line for this ToB so we can go out and have some fun. Wanna just hop in and chat about Baldur's Gate? Hey, down for it. Newbies, yall can hop on in and I'll answer any questions. I like to think I have a vast knowledge about Baldur's Gate.

Anyways guys, look forward to seeing you in game!

Name of the server: Jakes dueling arena

Password: Sarevokduel

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